If you are moving to a university abroad for an exchange programme, the following tips could help the transition to a new academic and cultural environment easier for you. That Eureka moment when you see the mail confirming your spot for the student exchange program abroad, your pulse starts racing, and euphoria courses through your body. You probably feel a mixture of is-this-for- real to an anxious how-am-I-going-to-get-everything-done? Many good universities in India collaborate with international universities to facilitate student exchange programs and internships to equip their students with a cosmopolitan outlook. If you are amongst the selected few to have…
Monday, 14 January 2019 07:09


The most effective means to remain in touch with our real self and to maintain a sense of identity is to indulge in reflection and introspection. The consequences of not taking time out to pause and reflect are psychologically wide-ranging.    "If we were not so single-minded about keeping our lives moving, and for once could perhaps a huge silence  might interrupt this sadness of never understanding ourselves and of threatening ourselves with death."   Poet Pablo Naruda’s lines from the poem ‘Keeping Quiet’ aptly describe our existence in the hyper-real world where we all seem to be continually pushing…
Friday, 05 October 2018 11:33

Why Should You Learn a Foreign Language?

Why Should You Learn a Foreign Language? Learning a language is hard enough, learning a foreign language harder. A language is not simply an assortment of names and sounds, but an ever expanding catalogue of a culture. Learning a new language means experiencing a culture that is not only absent but also fundamentally different from the one in which one has grown. This cultural immersion is one of the most difficult things as the biases of own cultural conditioning continuously exert a pull that resists the foreign influences. The experience can be immensely frustrating. Yet, where there is a will…
The #metoo campaign following the stories of women assaulted by Harvey Weinstein restate the ubiquitous sexual harassment of women at Workplace. It is not the first instance of abuse of power by the people in important positions. The infamous Tarun Tejpal case back in India is yet another glaring example of the all pervasive problem of harassment of women. In many instances women are unaware of the complaint mechanism and existence of law against sexual harassment at the workplace. Indian women have been in the work force since the 1950s, the number multiplied multifold post liberalization in the 1990s. Yet, sexual harassment…
Friday, 14 September 2018 06:47

Make Trade, Make Peace!

Make Trade, Make Peace! Trade is the single most important factor that has shaped the destiny of the modern world. Cultures and goods freely crossed the silk route for centuries bridging the gap between East and West. Modern nation-states were founded upon the premise of protectionism and expansion of trade during  Renaissance, and funded by finances generated from trade. The importance of trade dates back to pre-industrial and pre - nation societies. Much of our history comes from travelogues drawn by traders who traveled through the world, drawing maps and our concept of the world. It is no exaggeration, therefore,…
Friday, 24 August 2018 05:04

Is Gender Equality Only About Women?

Gender Equality Day August 26th every year is a red letter day in the annals of struggle by women for their rights. It represents the day when a century long struggle bore fruit as women suffrage was constitutionally approved in the United States in 1920. The victory is commemorated all over the world as Women Equality Day, in recognition of the unfinished legacy of this day, and the continuing struggle to achieve just treatment of women, and accord them their rights. However, today the equality discourse has co-opted men and transgenders too. Men have been carrying the burden of proving…
Genre fiction, So! what’s wrong with it? Last year as the news of Chetan Bhagat’s first novel “Five Point Someone” to be included in Delhi University’s syllabus broke out, social media was flooded with reactions that ranged from pearl clutching to downright ridicule. It’s not the first time genre fiction has been rebuked by dogmatic literary pandits. But despite being sneered at by critics, labelled as ‘low-brow’ by snobbish literary camps, the continued ascent of popular fiction across the world is a reaction to elitist view towards literature. Genre fiction Vs Literary fiction Termed ideal for a holiday read, Genre…
Friday, 06 April 2018 05:18

Psychometrics for a better career choice

Students of today dream of success in their careers and they definitely have the potential to craft their own success stories. But one common observation across the globe is the confusion in the chosen career. Students are not exactly sure what they want to do. They have some inclination but they are not very sure what they would like to do with Psychometric testing can be used to make a better career choice. Psychometric testing can be used as a chisel to carve the statuette of a successful individual. Students have a billion options to choose from. And though it…


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