Ethics and Social Responsibility

Ethics and Social Responsibility Cell - 
Promoting Ethical and Responsible Behaviour

Vishwakarma University (VU) is committed to the highest ethical standards. The faculty, staff and students demonstrate this commitment through their professional and personal behaviors and character. We strongly believe that integrity is an essential component of a successful life regardless of one’s pursuits.

The Ethics and Social Responsibility Cell (ESR Cell) at the University connects students, professionals and distinguished personalities on a platform for intercultural interactions and interdisciplinary discussions on issues which affect our lives.

Focus Areas:

1. Education and Employability
2. Energy and Environment
3. Ethics and Human Values

ESR Activities:

1. Publications
2. Street Plays
3. Green Audit
4. CSR Projects
5. Tree Plantation
6. Green Campus
7. CSR Interviews
8. Biodiversity Audit
9. Cleanliness Drive
10.Traffic Awareness
11. Days Celebrations
12. Thematic Sessions
13. Joy of Giving Week
14. Projects with NGOs
15. Rainwater Harvesting
16. Deputation to External Events
17. Social Entrepreneurship Events
18. Social & Environmental Research

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