How FinTech Digitally Transformed the Banking System?



The traditional banking system, one of paper pushing and interpersonal communication challenges at every step, has now been completely revamped with the technological innovations in the financial sector. 

Bunty Aur Babli 2: Filmmaking Trope or Audience Lure?

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With Bunty aur Babli 2, a sequel of the original Bunty aur Babli, which is slated for release in a few weeks, the culture of sequels is a topic of interest among film critics and filmmakers. In most cases, the original cast and crew are retained for the film with a variation in the script or a continuation of the original source material. Bollywood, however, approaches the same differently. 

AI & ML backs creativity in Cadbury Ad


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The chocolate conglomerate has tapped into the world of ML and AI, with the new Cadbury ad,’ NotJustACadburyAd’. The brand is known for its creative, imaginative and impactful advertisements on various social issues. Their festive advertisements are especially known for their taglines. 

3 Interior and Set Design Takeaways From Squid Game

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Within a span of just a few weeks, the sensational Netflix series "Squid Game" has managed to not only become the #1 show in South Korea but in nearly 90 other countries.

 The show owes its success to word-of-mouth promotion and memes generated, along with luck and timing. The show has become sensational for its portrayal of childhood games, turning something innocent into something brutal;  filled with blood and gore.

The Recovering Tourism Industry & Popular Travel & Tourism Jobs 

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The completion of school life marks an exciting chapter in the life of a student. Life, as they know it, is poised to transform into a more exciting and entertaining journey. If you are someone who has good communication skills and a keen interest in travel then a travel and tourism course after 12th can act as your bread and butter for the future. The job opportunities in the tourism industry are immense along with entrepreneurship opportunities. 

Student Placements – Career Progression Support for All

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Vishwakarma University (VU) is committed to providing student placements support, wider exposure, greater insights, and better practice to ensure that students are career-ready. The goal is to maximize students’ potential for life and livelihood.

Why Study Journalism & Top 5 Career Pathways in the Media Industry


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Journalism and Mass Communication is a field of study that has existed from time immemorial. Students from across the globe have been attracted to different careers in this course. The field of study makes the individual eloquent, quick on their toes and a bank of knowledge. It falls under the field of Arts but follows a very scientific approach of drawing hypotheses, running intensive research, ascertaining the true story, reaching conclusions and presenting the story in the most sensitive manner. 

Planning A Career In Architecture? Know What Is The Career Scope After Architecture Courses.

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The main aspect of teaching is the transfer of knowledge. A knowledge transfer system ensures the conversion of knowledge into words, skills, visuals, and ideas. The architect’s skill differs from one project to another or one assignment to another. But the key skills that form a cornerstone for every architect are designing, CAD skills, analytical skills, and strong mathematical ability. A good architect always converts imagination into reality. All these skills need to be inherited properly to build a good architect. An Architect should have iImmense interest in buildings and material usage but along with it they should also be well versed with good theoretical and practical knowledge. 

What is a Masters in Public Health & what can you do with an MPH Degree?

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The ongoing pandemic has made the world appreciate the importance of good health. The awareness around Public Health is at its peak and has highlighted the need for more public health workers. People across the globe are puzzled and yet to come to terms with exactly what is happening in the world. It is the public health workers, who are leading the way and giving people hope, an understanding of the situation and working towards rectifying it at the earliest. 

A Guide to Building a Career in Digital Filmmaking


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Media consumption has seen a spike in the growth rate in India through the last decade. Moreover, the covid 19 led lockdown has created a stir in the stay @ home internet market and amplified the momentum of content consumption. With different digital platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime as a user’s first preference, the audience is now not restricted to theatres only, giving great scope for new filmmakers to showcase their talent. These changes have helped enhance the making of a motion picture and have given filmmakers great tools for creating movies. As per the data, the present value of the Indian film industry is estimated to be Rs. 14,000 crores and only moving upwards.

A List of Popular Career in Psychology. Read Now!


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A degree in psychology provides a great foundation and is a great starting point for furthering a career in both fields, i.e., science, and art. It is a unique study that offers you a varied range of skillset that opens broad opportunities based on your interest in the subject spanning healthcare, education, research, government as well as corporate and administration. Today, psychologists are helping to improve lives everywhere from reaching out to the needy to transform their lives.

4 Exciting Career Pathways You Can Choose After An Event Management Course

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 A career in event management is basically a career in people management. An event manager works closely with people day in and day out. Before we dig deep into what are the career prospects for a student who has successfully completed a course in event management, let us understand a little more in detail what exactly is event management.

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