Innovations, inspiration and invention have marked the progress of mankind at each phase of evolution. VU Centre of Excellence for Biosystems, Biomedical and Drug Delivery Technologies (VU BBDDT) was established on 2nd March 2021 with the express aim of providing the industry and academia with the opportunity and resources to undertake the challenges in research and development. Vishwakarma University’s multidisciplinary expertise in the field of science and technology has facilitated the development of the Centre of Excellence for Biosystems, Biomedical and Drug Delivery Technologies with an aim to take challenges that will be beneficial for the stakeholders and society at large.

VU BBDDT works in close collaboration with the industries, academic institutes, government bodies, research centres, laboratories, clinical research centres, start-ups (Enterprises) and/or small-scale industries, faculty, students, etc. The Centre takes up research projects in the multi-disciplinary areas of pharmaceutical sciences, along with a blend of science and engineering technologies.

This provides a breeding ground for innovations and inventions in Biosystems, Biomedical and Drug Delivery Technologies.

  • Encourage young ideas & evolve for the betterment of all
  • Nurture and inspire innovations in Research and Development
  • To establish professional expertise to encourage high-quality research, innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • To establish a Centre of Excellence with sound infrastructure for in-house training to the students.
  • To act as a supportive partner to the industry and academia, providing the facilities and resources to undertake the latest in research and development.

Our Team

Prof. Sachin Sakat


Prof. Sonali Manwatkar


Prof. Chetan Kapadnis


Prof. Poonam Inamdar


Prof. Swati Mutha


Prof. Makarand Puri


Prof. Mrunalini Kulkarni


Prof. Dipti Joshi


Prof. Srinivas Chippalkatti


Prof. Vidya Desai     







Expert Speaker- Dr. Padmavati

An expert session on “Cell responsive Phytochemical Based Polyactive Nanoformulation for Target Delivery” on 22nd May 2021 11:00 am to 01:00 pm.

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Expert Speaker- Dr. Swapnil Borse

An expert session on Herb-Drug Disease Interactions - A prerequisite for integrative Medicine (Funding opportunities and approaches to transdisciplinary AYUSH research...

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MoU between VU and Robonik India Pvt. Ltd.


Centre of BBDDT, Vishwakarma University (VU) has signed an MoU with Robonik India Pvt. Ltd. for strengthening Industry-Academia Engagement in the field of Biomedical Device Development on 25.03.2021.

The following areas of cooperation have been mutually identified by VU and Robonik Pharma:

● Conducting research on emerging issues in the Biomedical Device
● Technology Development
● Writing the Proposals for funding
● Providing training to students and teachers
● Facilitating projects and internships by students in the industry
● Supporting innovations, new projects, and entrepreneurship
● Take up joint research projects in problem-solving or innovation missions for product or process developments and improvements
● Strengthening efforts to enhance employability of students

MoU between VU and Diagnostic Centre


Centre of BBDDT, Vishwakarma University (VU) has signed an MoU with Diagnostic Centre for clinical testing and evaluation of developed biomedical devices in the field of Biomedical Device Development on 25th March 2021.

The following areas of cooperation have been mutually identified by VU and Sinhgad Pathology Laboratory:

● Sharing expertise
● Clinical studies
● Sensitivity and specificity studies
● Training
● Writing collaborative proposals

Services offered

Centre has identified three key Thrust Areas

● Basic Research
● Applied Research
● Service to Industry in Wide domains viz.

● Computer-Aided Drug Design, Docking, Molecular Modelling and homology modelling
● Design and synthesis of novel chemical entities
● Drug Analysis
● Formulation development
● Crude extraction- Phytochemical analysis
● Statistical Analysis
● Device designing and development
● ADME profiling
● Drug-Biomolecule Interaction
● Nanoscience/ Nanotechnology
● Biosensor based studies

● Any other activities

Contact Us

Prof. Sachin Sakat

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