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Why Study Journalism & Top 5 Career Pathways in the Media Industry


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Journalism and Mass Communication is a field of study that has existed from time immemorial. Students from across the globe have been attracted to different careers in this course. The field of study makes the individual eloquent, quick on their toes and a bank of knowledge. It falls under the field of Arts but follows a very scientific approach of drawing hypotheses, running intensive research, ascertaining the true story, reaching conclusions and presenting the story in the most sensitive manner. 

Growth Prospects of the Media Industry

Media industry in India is growing at a phenomenal rate with new mediums of mass communication being introduced through technology. The Indian media industry has grown nine times faster than the American media industry and 2 times faster than China between 2012-2018. This growth trajectory is projected to keep continuing and the industry is set to become a Rs 2,660.20 billion industry by Fiscal Year 2023.

In recent times, media studies has been divided into two major bifurcations. 

1. Traditional Media

Traditional media refers to all forms of media that were devised and were in use long before the advent of the digital media. This includes television, radio, newspapers, magazines etc. 

2. New Media

New media refers to digital media. Digital media encapsulates news channels, digital newspapers, youtube, instagram and all other forms of media that allow individuals to voice their thoughts and opinions. 

Why Study Journalism and Mass Communication?

Journalism and Mass Communication is an extremely vibrant field of education offering a myriad of career opportunities. It focuses on overall growth of the student and makes them industry ready! The course overlaps with multiple fields of studies including psychology, anthropology, political science, social sciences, cultural science and many more. There are various sub-disciplines in media studies that one can pursue and specialize in. Public relations, advertisement, content creation, media production, scriptwriting are just a few of the long list of career opportunities awaiting a media student. 

The course is ever expanding, offering limitless opportunities to students. It is not bound by borders and gives every individual a unique voice and platform. Students across the globe pursue journalism for personal reasons, here are a few reasons for which majority of students pursue this course: 

  1. Wide variety of opportunities: Students can choose the field of their liking and pursue a career based on their unique interests. 
  2. Making an impact: To be in the media is to bring out the truth from the bottom of debris. As students of journalism, you may follow any field of your choice and still make a considerable impact in society. 
  3. Borderless reach: As a student of mass media the reach and impact you make surpasses the perception of borders. 
  4. Ever-expanding field: With technological advancements and data driven economy, the scope for mass communication students to make it big in the industry is ever-expanding. 
  5. Entrepreneurial scope: As a student of mass communication you do not need to work in an institution. Digital platforms have made the students self sufficient to start their own business and channels.

Top 5 Career Opportunities after Graduation

Job opportunities in the media industry are immense. The introduction of new age media has opened more doors for everyone - especially for media students. Here are a few traditional and a few not so conventional job streams that students can pursue:

 1. Television Wizard:

Television as a medium offers a plethora of job opportunities to the media students. From production to scriptwriting, from shooting to set designing, from storytelling to news presenting - all jobs are available to a student of media studies. 

 2. Newspaper or Magazine Writing:

As a media professional, writing for any form of media can be your bread and butter. Writing for newspapers, magazines, digital platforms or even as a freelancer is a great working opportunity.

 3. Digital Marketing Specialist:

You can work in the marketing field and help companies grow their marketing aspects. As a student you will be well equipped with the knowledge of brand management and marketing strategies.

 4. Advertising and Media Planning:

You will be responsible for running physical and digital ads based on the client requirement and budgets. You will also be responsible for running competitor analysis and drawing advertising strategies. 

 5. Public Relations Specialist:

The job of a public relations specialist entails working as the crisis manager of an organization. You will be responsible for handling all the PR related activities of the client along with maintaining a favourable image of the client. 


Journalism and mass communication is an ever growing field which is best suited for students who are planning to make a mark in society. Vishwakarma University helps its students to gain practical knowledge with industry equipment to ensure practical knowledge. Our students are well equipped with the latest skills to not only enter the industry but to take it by storm. 

We offer BA (Journalism & Mass Communication) and MA (Journalism & Mass Communication) and Ph.D. programmes. Our Bachelor's programme is a 3 year programme which empowers students to make a mark in the industry. Our Masters programme is a 2 year programme preparing highly specialized individuals ready to take the industry by storm. 



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