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AI & ML backs creativity in Cadbury Ad


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The chocolate conglomerate has tapped into the world of ML and AI, with the new Cadbury ad,’ NotJustACadburyAd’. The brand is known for its creative, imaginative and impactful advertisements on various social issues. Their festive advertisements are especially known for their taglines. 

With the use of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cadbury has entered the realm of brand exploring ML and AI to make interactive advertisements. 

Other brands such as Idea, Mercedes Benz India, Flipkart and Godrej among others have used AI and ML in their advertisements. These advertisements are the best of both worlds; creativity and computing. 

Adverts in the time of COVID 

Through the ad, Shah Rukh Khan is seen promoting local brands and small businesses helping them get attention, in the hope to support them in the tough times of COVID. During the festive season of Diwali, several small businesses have been hit adversely by both the first and second wave of COVID-19 and the restrictive lockdowns imposed by the government. While some sectors managed to recover some parts of the losses incurred post the first wave, the harsher restrictions and suddenness of the second wave depleted them of their resources. 

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By having an Indian actor of stature, Cadbury is helping such businesses make up some if not all losses suffered. Cadbury, as a brand, is aware of the hold it has over the general consumer market, and by roping in Shah Rukh Khan they have successfully accomplished the feat of having over a million viewers for the advertisement. 

 Personalised user experience 


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By releasing on YouTube they have gained the best user experience for everyone who uses the video service, be it an auto driver or the CEO of a company. Youtube’s algorithm helps the advertisement gain the best product experience, it helps the advertisement be localised and personalised for the audience. Audiences living in Mumbai will see and hear the names of different small businesses while those in Delhi will not have the same names. With the help of ML and AI the brand is able to pull in audiences from different parts of the country and give them the best user experience while at the same time staying true to its brand value. 

 Cadbury tapped into the personalised adverts during Diwali for it is a big festival across the country and its part; celebrated by everyone. The festival of light and warmth is one of gifting, everyone spends on clothes, sweets, lights and gifting items among others. No matter the economic situation, everyone gifts their loved ones. Cadbury as a brand is known for their gifting items as well; their celebration collection finds itself in households during the season among young and old. 

 Cadbury strives towards a personalised user experience by creating chocolates that are packaged to cater to the audiences preferences. 

 What does ML and AI bring? 

 With ML and AI it further makes the advertisements interesting; although the locations within the advertisement change as per where the audience is viewing it, the makers of the advertisement with the help of cutting-edge technology are able to achieve something that results in an authentic voice of the actor saying the same advert irrespective of the location. 



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 This is now possible with the advancing technology of machine learning and artificial intelligence. The advert is able to pull off this by seamlessly integrating the best of the computing technology with that of the creative minds from some of the best in the industry. 

Seamless integration of computing and creativity 


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 The advertisement feels deeply personal without feeling like a deep fake and this is possible by making sure that the script is air tight in terms of the narrative and the emotion it wants to project and bring forth. Shah Rukh Khan, in a golden sherwani is seen interacting with members of the family while at the same time breaking the fourth wall and addressing the viewers of all the small businesses he has supported over this Diwali and by buying from them has helped them celebrate the festival of joy with their loved ones. 

 Internet trends 

 The advertisement is winning the hearts of the audience with its portrayal of the Bollywood actor stepping away from the luxury product and buying products from local shops and vendors. 



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 How to learn AI, ML and gain the best graphic-product-user experience

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