B.TECH. (Artificial Intelligence & Data Science)

Programme Highlights


Jobs in a variety of sectors like Research & Development, IT industry, telecommunication, e-commerce, government agencies, banking, insurance, IT enabled service industries, aerospace, health care.

Career opportunities as Chief Technology Officer, Data scientist, Business Analyst, System analyst, Data Analyst ,Network Systems Administrator, Database Administrator, IT systems administrator, Software quality assurance analyst, Webmaster, Technocrat, Database Administrator, Customer support administrator, Software engineer, Application developer and Entrepreneur.


Basic Sciences - 6
Engineering Sciences - 5
Professional Core -17
Professional Electives -12
Project Work -2
Humanities and Social Sciences - 5
Audit Course -1


  • 4 Years - 8 Semesters - Full Time
  • Outcome Based Education (OBE)
  • Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)
  • Strong Teaching Learning Methodology
  • Project Based Learning
  • Placement Assistance
  • Experienced Teachning Faculty


  • Emphasis on hands-on practice
  • Project based learning
  • Internships
  • Industry Projects
  • Innovation & Competency Centres
  • Exchange programmes with foreign universities
  • Pool of industry associates
  • Exposure to cross functional and inter-disciplinary courses
  • Dedicated course on English for engineers
  • Career Guidance and Personal Counselling
  • Systematic Campus Recruitment Programme
  • Corporate connect through live projects, shadowing opportunities and various interaction with the industry.

Programme Overview

B.TECH. (Artificial Intelligence & Data Science)

Technology feeds on itself. Technology makes more technology possible

Vishwakarma University is one of the leading state private university in Pune to offer a B. Tech. degree with specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (AIADS).Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Programme enables students to get ready with the skills to perform intelligent decisions based on data analysis which is an important component in various real-world applications.

This course is not only aimed to provide core technologies like machine learning , data warehouse, data mining and artificial intelligence; but it also gives in depth inputs in areas like artificial neural networks, fuzzy techniques, big data analytics and many more.

The main intention of this programme is to prepare students to become industry ready and knowledgeable, to pursue careers as data analysts, data scientists, who can solve major problems related in the field of machine learning, statistics, knowledge discovery, and visualization skills.

It is an opportunity to excel in the field of computer science, applications and systems with sound knowledge, skills and practice.

B.TECH. (Artificial Intelligence & Data Science) Course | College | Institute in Pune

Dr. Bharati S Ainapure

Associate Professor

Prof. Milind Kulkarni

Associate Professor

Prof. Yogesh Deshpande


Prof. Kailas Patil

Professor & CDO

Dr. Prasad Gokhale

Associate Professor

Mr. Noshir Tarapore

Assistant Professor

Mr. Sanjesh Pawale

Assistant Professor

Mr. Shailesh Thaware

Assistant Professor

Mrs. Reshma Pise

Assistant Professor

Dr. Nikita Kulkarni

Dr. Nikita Kulkarni

Assistant Professor

Dr. Snehal Shinde

Dr. Snehal Shinde

Assistant Professor

Ms. Madhavi Dachawar

Assistant Professor

Mrs. Swati Shriyal

Assistant Professor

Mr. Suraj Damare

Assistant Professor

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Academic Year  Type of Activity Activity Title  Details
2019-20 Collaborative Projects SAP projects Details
2019-20 Workshop Agile Principles and Practices, Design Thinking sponsored by Binghamton University, USA Details
2019-20 Competiion Cy-Fi Arts Festival, Quick Heal Foundation Details
2019-20 Workshop Design Thinking Details
2019-20 Competition National Science Day 2020 Details



“Computers are a big part of our future… and the future is yours to shape.” - Faculty / Quote by educationist

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