Guest Session on Study Abroad Opportunities for TY Computer and Artificial Intelligence Students

Date: 16 April 2024

Venue: Auditorium, Main Building, Vishwakarma University, Department of Computer Engineering and Artificial Intelligence

Attendees: TY Computer Engineering and Artificial Intelligence Students



On April 16, 2024, Vishwakarma University's Department of Computer Engineering and Artificial Intelligence held a guest session for Third Year students on the benefits and logistics of studying abroad, particularly in Computer Science and AI/Data Science. The event, coordinated by Professor Swati Shriyal, featured a keynote by Mr. Rohit Runwal, founder of Mad Learning. Held in the university's auditorium, the session began with introductions from Dr. Sandip Thite and Dr. Pratibha Mahajan, heads of the Computer Engineering and AI departments respectively, emphasizing the academic and professional growth that international education offers.


Mr. Runwal discussed the diverse advantages of studying abroad, including exposure to different cultures, access to top-tier research facilities, enhanced language skills, and valuable networking opportunities. He also outlined the key challenges such as navigating visa processes, financial planning, adapting to new academic and cultural environments, and managing emotional wellbeing. The session highlighted popular destinations and universities in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany, known for their programs in machine learning, data science, cybersecurity, and robotics.


Real-life experiences and testimonials from alumni who have studied abroad were shared, giving insights into the personal and professional benefits and challenges encountered. The session was interactive, featuring discussions, a Q&A segment, and sharing of resources like study guides and scholarship information, which helped address students' concerns and aspirations regarding international education.


Overall, the session was informative and inspiring, encouraging students to consider pursuing their higher education abroad to enhance their career prospects in the rapidly evolving tech industry. The comprehensive presentation by Mr. Runwal, combined with active participation from students, made the event a success, motivating them to explore global education opportunities.


Key Highlights:


Benefits of Studying Abroad:

Exposure to diverse cultures and global perspectives.

Access to cutting-edge research facilities and expert faculty.

Enhancing language proficiency and communication skills.

Networking opportunities with international peers and professionals.

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