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National Tourism Day

To commemorate National Tourism Day on January 25, 2024, the Department of Travel and Tourism efficiently coordinated numerous events. Students and faculty members showcased India's diverse and vibrant culture by dressing in traditional attire representing different states.


 Activity Details:-

1) Promoting India’s Island Tourism

Yuva Tourism Club members from the Travel and Tourism Department have presented and conveyed information to their fellow university students regarding India's Island Tourism.



2) A photo booth designed to promote lesser-known destinations in India.

Students from the Travel and Tourism Department have created a photo booth and provided details about India's lesser-known destinations to promote the country's rich heritage.


3) Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt was organized for department students, where they had to search for pieces representing various states hidden across the campus. These pieces were then used to form an Indian map. The team that successfully located the most states was declared the winner, and to motivate them, shopping coupons were awarded to participants from the winning team.



Culture Showcase


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