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What is a Masters in Public Health & what can you do with an MPH Degree?

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The ongoing pandemic has made the world appreciate the importance of good health. The awareness around Public Health is at its peak and has highlighted the need for more public health workers. People across the globe are puzzled and yet to come to terms with exactly what is happening in the world. It is the public health workers, who are leading the way and giving people hope, an understanding of the situation and working towards rectifying it at the earliest. 

What is Public Health?

WHO defines Public Health as “the art and science of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through the organized efforts of society”. Public Health focuses on the holistic well being of an individual and focuses on long term caregiving. 

For instance, if someone hurts their knee in the shower - a clinical doctor will help align the knee. However, it is the Public health worker who will help the patient over time to regain their full health and get back on their feet. 

What is a Masters in Public Health (MPH)?

A Masters in Public Health is a graduate level degree which helps you gain the necessary skills to become a considerate, highly skilled and professional health provider. The course enables students to understand the intricacies of nutrition, epidemiology, biostatistics, population health, determinants of health, and public health policy. 

As a student of MPH you will be equipped with the knowledge of studies, research and best practices of wellness. 

Why gain an MPH Degree?

An MPH degree is in high demand and will remain so. Public Health combines different academic areas tending towards a multidisciplinary approach to the healthcare field, further ensuring limitless opportunities and options for professional specialization. Here are a few reasons why an MPH degree is highly sought after:

  1. Focus on social justice
  2. Helping others
  3. Making an impact
  4. Job security
  5. Work without borders
  6. Professional variety
  7. Opportunity to solve problems
  8. A shortcut path to the medical field
  9. Address a specific health issue
  10. Enhanced educational portfolio

Career Opportunities after a Masters in Public Health

An increased threat of new viruses and diseases (like COVID-19) make public health professionals more crucial than ever. Your masters degree in public health will lend you a hand in choosing the career option based on your interest and skill set. The best part about pursuing a Masters in Public Health is that whatever be your choice of work, you will definitely be making a big impact in the life of others. Here are a few career paths to consider, thrive and make a difference in the world.

1. Community Health

As a community health worker your job will entail analyzing data, drawing conclusions, formulating strategy and working towards implementation of the same to help patients and diverse population groups. You might be required to run outreach programs at schools, elderly homes etc. to address issues pertaining to the group. Empathetic behaviour and good communication skills are key if you choose to become a community health worker. 

2. Epidemiology

The responsibility of an epidemiologist is much like a detective. As an epidemiologist you will have to study the patterns, symptoms and impacts of new illnesses and design policies and strategies to minimize or eradicate the impact of the illness. Your job will entail meeting up with policy makers and ensuring a strong treatment plan is developed and implemented. 

3. Biostatistics

The field of medicine and health is ever advancing. As a biostatician, you will need to go through the plethora of available data and help turn it into meaningful statistics. This will ensure that policies are drawn based on relevant data and hence makes the required impact in the society. 

4. Emergency Management

Emergency management is a very critical job. You will need to be ready for any emergency like hurricanes, floods, earthquakes - and then tend to people stuck in such situations. You will also require to formulate the best course of action to be implemented and adapted in such situations.

4. Public Policy

Working in Public Policy makes you a point of contact or connection for the government policy-makers and the healthcare field. From the regulations on alcohol consumption to restrictions on travel during the pandemic, all are the results of public policy workers. 


A Masters in Public Health is the future and the job opportunities are limitless. As a public health worker you will be making a major impact in the life of people across the globe. It is truly a borderless job. 

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