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The Recovering Tourism Industry & Popular Travel & Tourism Jobs 

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The completion of school life marks an exciting chapter in the life of a student. Life, as they know it, is poised to transform into a more exciting and entertaining journey. If you are someone who has good communication skills and a keen interest in travel then a travel and tourism course after 12th can act as your bread and butter for the future. The job opportunities in the tourism industry are immense along with entrepreneurship opportunities. 

The advent of the Covid-19 pandemic had hit the tourism industry hard. However, the re-opening of all the countries, the surge in vaccination rates, and India’s reputation as an exotic destination has opened up far greater avenues than before. The recent surge and demand in the industry has led to the formulation of a proper curriculum of travel and tourism management. 

The Importance of Travel and Tourism in India

India is a culturally diverse country with an extremely rich history. Our hidden caves, ancient temples and universities, serene beaches, high peaks, rich biodiversity etc. are all great tourist attractions, making India a prime tourist destination. 

The Indian population has also become more inclined to travel and discover the hidden gems of India and the world. The dynamic rise in India’s middle class and increasing diaspora of income has resulted in a change in the travel pattern of the newly wealthy population and has given birth to a myriad of jobs in the tourism industry. 

India Brand Equity Foundation found that in Fiscal Year 2020, even after the advent of Covid-19, the tourism sector in India was responsible for 39 million jobs which is approximately 8% of the total employment in the country. As per IBEF’s projections, the industry is set to grow and by 2029 would employ more than 53 million people. 

By 2028, the international tourist arrival to India is set to hit the landmark figure of 30.5 billion generating revenue of around US $59 billion! Though, it is the domestic tourists who will be responsible for uplifting the tourism industry post-pandemic. 

Central as well as State governments are taking several steps and initiating multiple schemes to boost tourism. The inauguration of ‘Statue of Unity’ is a tall example of efforts taken by the government to boost tourism. 

Sought-After Travel and Tourism Industry Jobs

As the industry is expanding, there are many job opportunities and career pathways in the travel and tourism industry. 

Here are some of the most popular travel and tourism jobs:

  • Travel executive
  • Tourism manager
  • Travel Consultant
  • Itinerary Designer
  • Travel Blogging and Writing
  • Travel Vlogging
  •  Guest Engagement Executive
  • Customer Service manager

Along with these job opportunities, one can even apply for work in the Aviation Industry. Entrepreneurial endeavours are also possible for a student of travel and tourism. 

Changing Trends in the Tourism Industry

Staycation is an emerging trend in the tourism industry. In staycation set-up, people go to luxurious hotels and revive themselves from stress and work pressure. It’s a new way of finding peace and relaxing at the same time. Many famous hotel chains are introducing host-curated plans to cater to these special needs of the customers. 

The new emerging trends echo the story of an ever-growing and expanding industry with new opportunities coming up everyday.

To Sum Up...

India’s tourism industry has great growth potential and is set on the path of expansion. The introduction of e-Visa schemes is expected to double the tourist influx to india. A joint study by Assocham and Yes Bank has identified that the Indian tourism industry has the potential to expand at 2.5% with high budgetary allocation from the government combined with inexpensive healthcare services. 

Vishwakarma University helps students fulfil their dreams of entering the travel and tourism industry. We offer a comprehensive BA and MA programs for students who are willing to take their passion for Tourism and turn it into a career. Our programs help students develop leadership, communication, resource management and other managerial skills to ensure sure-shot success. Our exclusively curated curriculum helps inculcate problem solving and critical thinking mindset. The experimental and project based learning program ensures that students are ready to step into the industry. 

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