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Psychometrics for a better career choice

Psychometrics for a Better Career Choice

Students of today dream of success in their careers and they definitely have the potential to craft their own success stories. But one common observation across the globe is the confusion in the chosen career. Students are not exactly sure what they want to do. They have some inclination but they are not very sure what they would like to do with

Psychometric testing can be used to make a better career choice. Psychometric testing can be used as a chisel to carve the statuette of a successful individual. Students have a billion options to choose from. And though it is helpful it definitely increases the confusion for most.

In India a lot of attributes affect students’ choice of a stream like family environment, gender, relatives’ opinions, family history, etc. But are these the right attributes? That is why you would notice a lot of individuals facing issues of job dissatisfaction, regardless of the income.

So what is actually needed while choosing a career? A student’s aptitude, interest, personality, adjustment capabilities!!!

How can we identify these without greater error? Psychometric testing is the answer. Emerging as a new trend across the globe over the past decade, psychometric testing has been praised for its ability to help students navigate pathways out of school and into a career. Developed in the early 20th century, psychometrics are applied measurements of the mind that offer comprehensive and reliable insights into personal strengths and weaknesses.

We all make assumptions about our abilities. Psychometric testing can throw up unexpected results and pave the way for better career possibilities. A battery of tests is composed to encompass all these needs. The results are based on the students’ answers but there is a cheat-catch in almost each question that sifts out the human tendency to by-pass the truth. Hence they are authentic and reliable, most often. Psychometric tests are impersonal, standardized and objective so there is no question of bias. In fact the recommendations are based on actuals.

Many graduate recruiters use psychometric tests as part of the selection process for their graduate schemes because of all the above mentioned advantages. A lot of companies’ recruitment procedures have psychometric testing or aptitude testing.

Psychometric testing has now become the need of the hour for students across the globe to guide them across a right career path.

Authored by Asst. Prof. Jiyaa Khatri, Dept. of Psychology, Vishwakarma University, Pune

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