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Journalism and Mass Communication has emerged as a popular career option among many students who want to enter the media industry. A degree in journalism and mass communication doesn’t only mean you get to become a reporter or be part of the newsroom but can also open other fields such as Communications, Advertising, and Marketing.

Journalism is the activity of gathering, assessing, and presenting news stories and articles through newsprint, magazines, books, podcasts, social media, radio, movies, and blogs. Journalism includes the collection and presentation of “hard news” of politics and public affairs as well as human interest and celebrity stories.

Mass communication is the process of creating, sending, receiving, and interpreting messages to large audiences through various ways such as written and verbal media. It is multi-disciplinary and incorporates elements of related fields such as Strategic Communication, Political Communication, Health Communication, and many more. In this field, professionals use their knowledge of strategic media practices to develop, evaluate and share effective messages to large targeted audiences.

A degree in Journalism and Mass Communication aims at developing the communication skills of a student and helps them understand mass communication theories, trends, processes, and models. Students will be taught to think uniquely, research effectively and enhance their networking skills. On the other hand, students will be provided with sound technical skills like web designing, editing, photography, video production, and radio programming among many others.

Students will be made industry-ready by encouraging teamwork and develop creative thinking skills. An integral part of the Journalism and Mass Communication course is writing and storytelling. Creating and sharing interesting content to engage audiences is what students will be taught. Many government and private universities are offering this degree at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels as it is a popular pick amongst students.

This journalism course will help students understand the impact of media on our society and the influence it has on us as well as the moral grounds and ethics one must have if they decide to pursue a career in Journalism and Mass Communication. Students will learn to critically analyze how mass communication has influenced individual and mass consciousness. The curriculum also includes various seminars, guest lectures, training sessions, community projects, and live projects. It will help students gain all the knowledge and learning necessary to become a trained and competent media professional in various settings and under various circumstances.


Some of the major subjects one will study in this course are as follows:

Fundamentals of Journalism

Introduction to Digital Media

Media Management

Communication Theories


Audio-Visual Media

Print Media

Development Communication

Media laws and Ethics

Writing for Media

Public Relations/ Corporate Communication

New media

International Communication



A course in Journalism and Mass Communication will help graduates find career opportunities as:

Print and Online Industry

Radio stations

Digital Media Companies

Advertising Agencies

PR Agencies

Event management companies

Media Research


Creative Designer

Travel Journalism

Legal Firms


There is a bouquet of options available for students who decide to pursue a career in Journalism and Mass Communication. Most universities offer industry connections through internships and training sessions. Students will be made to understand the art of reporting, investigating, and writing a good copy. 

The field of Journalism and Mass Communication is ever-changing and this course will equip students with all the material required to flourish in the industry. Each media professional must be trained to report and spread accurate information to their audiences and need to undergo thorough research before doing so. A course in Journalism and Mass Communication will ensure students are taught the techniques and methods for spreading and circulating information.

Vishwakarma University offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Journalism and Mass Communication that can help you shape a trailblazing career in the field of news, media, and entertainment. 


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