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Eco-friendly fashion

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What does Natalie Portman, Meghan Markel, Diya Mirza and Kate Middleton and the Duchess of Cambridge share? Well, apart from the simple fact that they all are incredibly famous, they are all vocal supporters of eco-fashion.

Prefixes like organic, green, eco are in vogue. They originate from the same sensibility as the increasingly popular concept of organic farming and green technology. The motto to go green is dawning upon the fashion world too.

Do we ever pause to ponder about the clothes that we discard? What happens to them? Where do they go? What consequences do they have on the environment? The fashion world is waking up to the rude reality of landfills piling up with used clothes. The fad for fast trendy fashion has lead to devastating consequences for the environment. Fashion industry is considered to be the second largest polluter of environment after oil.

What is eco friendly fashion?
Eco-fashion upholds the fashion trends by employing environment friendly practices in manufacturing clothes and accessories. Eco-fashion ensures the use of natural fibers made of bamboo, hemp and other natural products as opposed to petroleum based fibers and promising no or as little wastage as possible. Upcycling the waste material to make fashion products is also one of the prime exercises of practicing eco fashion.

Global scene
With premium fashion brands like Gucci promising to go fur-free before unveiling their summer/spring 2018 collection and H&M pledging to recycle polyester, use hemp and organic cotton, commitment to eco friendly fashion appears to be taking leaps in the Western consciousness. Style quotient intact, look and quality of fiber maintained, eco friendly fashion is being taken seriously, shedding the ‘hippy’ tag being attached to it. Celebrity designers like Stella Mc Cartney, has put in sustainable efforts to put eco fashion in the mainstreams of runway fashion. In the West, Green is steadily becoming the new Black.

Indian scenario
Though ‘go green’ is the all-pervasive mantra, it still largely eludes the Indian fashion industry. A cursory glance at the fashion scene will reveal designers doing their bit in pockets to promote eco-fashion. However, it is difficult to place any known Indian designer or celebrity committed to the cause.

In order to ensure that eco- fashion descends from the high fashion ramps to the common man, you as a consumer can make a difference. Pick up environment friendly clothes each time you shop and you can alter the demand pattern of the industry. So exercise your choice wisely.

Authored by Richa Singh, Content Writer Investronaut.

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