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A List of Popular Career in Psychology. Read Now!


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A degree in psychology provides a great foundation and is a great starting point for furthering a career in both fields, i.e., science, and art. It is a unique study that offers you a varied range of skillset that opens broad opportunities based on your interest in the subject spanning healthcare, education, research, government as well as corporate and administration. Today, psychologists are helping to improve lives everywhere from reaching out to the needy to transform their lives.

Listing down some of the popular career paths in psychology


Counsellors are people who help others towards understanding their situation by having them talk freely and benevolently about their problems, feelings, emotions, and approach towards life. All information shared with the counsellor is kept confidential. Some of the essential skill sets of a counsellor include empathy, patience, great communication, analysis of the situation the client is facing, and solution to cope with the problem. 

 Clinical Psychologist

Clinical psychologists are highly specialized professionals trained for the diagnosis of mental, emotional, and behavioural disorders. Some may specialize further in various niche categories like substance abuse, suicide, mental trauma therapies for all ages. They are likely to collaborate with the medical team, social workers, educational institutes, psychiatrists, and experienced clinical psychologists. They may be called expert witnesses in the act as expert witnesses for legal needs.

 Forensic Psychologist

Forensic psychology is applying psychology to legal issues within the judicial system. A forensic psychologist could also have a law background. These psychologists work towards profiling the person who has conducted the felony or mapping the mind of the suspect. It is only natural for the forensic psychologist to know civil as well as criminal law.

Industrial or Organizational Psychologist

Industrial Psychologists apply their research knowledge and techniques towards helping organizations and their employees to improve their work performance and productivity as well as enhance their skill sets. You could be working as an HR professional towards planning and charting the selection procedure for various employment needs, assessing the performance, right attitude, and future of the employees. 

 Teaching & Research

Teaching Psychology is another choice of work if you want to teach undergraduate, postgraduate, or doctoral-level students. One can also consider taking up research projects while teaching or even get jobs that are flexible to focus on your research work altogether. To pursue further research work, one may need to have pursued Ph.D.

 Educational Psychologist

Educational psychologists can be school counsellors, trainers, career counsellors, etc. Educational psychologists are normally trained in the education department (psychology) and employed in schools, colleges, and universities. They help towards making the foundation of students who need guidance in their life.

 Sports Psychologist

Sport psychologists help with focussing on the identification and application of psychological techniques to ease and enrich a player’s performance and participation in sports activity as there is intense pressure towards the outcome of their performance. Additionally, as a sports psychologist, you can help the player overcome the fear of failure, anxiety, insecurities, and even traumatic past (injury) built upon them from time to time.

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