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Mathematics is one of the most prominent subjects catering to the needs of almost all branches of science and technology. The Department of Mathematics was established in Vishwakarma University in the year 2018 and within a short span of time, the department has done remarkable progress. The Department offers Mathematics as one of the core subjects in all branches of first-year engineering, U.G and P.G. in Statistics.

Currently, the Department offers Post-Graduate and PhD programmes in Mathematics. The curriculum focuses on providing a solid base on a diverse range of mathematical subjects, developing technological competency, soft skill and life development. The tools like Matlab, Scilab, Maxima, Geogebra, and Python are introduced at the post-graduate level for data analysis and computation. Our curriculum is research as well as job oriented and it follows CBCS guidelines. Apart from regular classroom teaching, the Department offers add-on-courses, internships, self-learning through MOOCs, Project work, and SET/NET/GATE/ AMCAT guidance.

Our faculties are working in the research areas: Algebra, Analysis, Number Theory, Differential Equations, computational fluid mechanics, etc. Four research scholars have enrolled for PhD under the guidance of the faculty in the department.

To mould and train young mathematicians to the highest standard of excellence in teaching, innovation, and research in the frontier areas of applied Mathematics.

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The Mathematics Department shares the vision of the University of achieving excellence in teaching and research covering all the frontline topics of Mathematics. This department not only focuses on training in the fundamentals of Mathematics but also offers advanced courses on applications in modern-day technology. In addition, research is also carried out in interdisciplinary areas of science and technology thereby contributing to the exciting academic environment of Vishwakarma University.


Dr. Jagadish Tawade

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M.Sc (Mathematics)

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Ms. Sanika Bam
M.Phil., Ph.D

Dr. Jagadish Tawade
Assistant Professor

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National Mathematics Day

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Research & Publications

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Thermal and Velocity Effects on Heat Transfer of a MHD Maxwell Fluid Flow Over a Stretching Sheet

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Patil Priyanka

Dr. Jagadish V Tawade

Heat and Mass transfer analysis of non-Newtonian nanofluids due to horizontal stretching surface (Proposed title)

Boundary layer flow problems

Avinash Raut

Dr. Jagadish V Tawade

An analysis of thermal characteristics of Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluid flow past a stretching sheet in porous media (Proposed title)

Non-Newtonian fluid flow


Dr. Jagadish V Tawade

An analysis of Nano liquid thin film flow over a horizontal moving plate by analytical and numerical Methods (Proposed title)

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Pradeep. G. Janthe

Dr. Jagadish V Tawade


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