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Presently the physical & digital worlds are merging & revolutionizing manufacturing processes dramatically. We call this Industry 4.0 or the 4th industrial revolution. Industry 4.0 is an amalgamation of various emerging technologies in making factories smarter and customer-centric. This revolution will have a similar effect on our entire society as the steam, electricity, automation and computerization had in earlier decades.

Industry 4.0 center is established to develop bonding with manufacturing industries and create manpower and resources for smart manufacturing setups. The center will also sensitize people at large in disruptive technologies required to implement Industry 4.0.


Creating Industry 4.0 (I4.0) Knowledge-Center For Industries & Academia

Delivering Training On Various I4.0 Skills

Producing I4.0 Ready Graduates

Establishing I4.0 Learning Lab And Research Center

Undertaking Industry-Driven Funded Projects & Research

Our Team

Dr. Pashmina Doshi

Prof. (Dr) Yogesh Deshpande
Dr. Pashmina Doshi

Mrs. Mrunmai Ranade
Deputy Director
Dr. Pashmina Doshi

Mr. Nikhil Shinde


Collaboration with C4i4 Labs Pune

The Department of heavy industries, Government of India has set up C4i4 Lab Pune as part of a national initiative named SAMARTH (Smart Automated Manufacturing and Rapid Transformation Hub) Udyog. Vishwakarma University is the founder member and education partner of C4i4 Labs Pune. Various projects were undertaken by this center under this collaboration.

● Factory Assessment Internship

Around 25 manufacturing industries around Pune were assessed using an innovative tool developed by C4i4 labs for their readiness in adopting Industry 4.0. Students got a chance to visit factories and meet higher authorities to gather the assessment data. It even facilitated their factory visit and shadowing activity with factory authorities

● Participation in Knowledge Series Lectures

Students attended master classes in the form of lectures by experts in Industry 4.0 under the knowledge series lectures at C4i4 Labs. It benefited students as well as faculty in developing awareness about industry 4.0 terminologies and technologies.

● Remote Product Monitoring System Project

(i) A smart sensor based system was developed around an old traditional lathe machine as a digitalization experiment. This helped in monitoring the health of the machine and its production throughput and all other types of data on a computerised dashboard. This setup could be used as an experimental resource for gathering manufacturing data smartly and using data-analytics to gain further insights.

(ii) Visit to C4i4 Labs was conducted for sensitizing students about developments taking place in industries.

Training for Remote Product Monitoring System using IOT was conducted in the university campus. Around 20 students were given hands-on experience of retrofitting existing machines. One lathe machine was digitalised and linked with an IOT controller to gather data from the machine on a real-time basis. The training was concluded with a factory visit to Indo-Schottle Pune where two factories are controlled from head office using an IOT controlled system.

An upcoming course on “Introduction to Industry 4.0” will be offered on VU Digital Portal for fresh engineering graduates. Course duration will be 10 Hrs and will be completely delivered in online mode.

(i) Workshops

A 3D printing workshop was conducted for members of Industry 4.0 students club in which students got hands-on experience of 3D printing for parts designed by them.

(ii) Knowledge Series Lectures





Industry 4.0 in Nutshell

Mr. Aditya Wagh


Overall equipment efficiency and

asset management

Mr. Deepak Shrivastava


Applications of  IOT and AR/VR  in Industry 4.0 

Infinity X and PTC 

(i) Internship @ C4I4 labs

Factory Assessment Internship Program

(Joint Program Between VU and C4i4 Labs)

  • 25+ Industry data based on the Industry 4.0 index collected.
  • Knowledge gained about strategies adopted towards smarter manufacturing.
  • Gaps identified between current and desired conditions of digital transformation.
  • Roadmaps created for Industry 4.0 adoption in industries
  • Participation of around 35 students of Engineering and Management across
  • Vishwakarma Group (VU, VIT Pune and VIIT Pune)
  • 7 faculties involved as mentors

(ii) Internship @ Vega Innovations & TechnoConsultants , by Anish Navale

  • Studying Industry 4.0 adoption in steel manufacturing industries nationally & globally
  • Implementing IOT on industry level projects.
  • Database Management and Business Intelligence on large scale factory data.
  • Understanding of automation of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices, using modern smart technology.
  • Strategising and implementing of technology required for automation of steel manufacturing industries.


  • Prof. Dr. Yogesh Deshpande and Mrs. Mrunmai Ranade delivered an invited speech in the National Seminar on "Emerging Trends and Career Opportunities in Industry 4.0" at K. B. Joshi Institute of Information Technology, Pune, on 28th February 2020.
  • Mrs. Mrunmai Ranade participated in an online panel discussion on “Industry 4.0 and its Applications” organized by PALS on 27th February 2021. It was a canvas to showcase Vishwakarma University’s efforts towards Industry 4.0. Students and faculty from around 25 colleges from various states attended this panel discussion. PALS is an educational initiative by volunteers from Alumni Fraternity of various IITs.

Student Projects

Process Excellence Through Digital Transformation (Joint Project between VU and Aakar Foundry)


  • Smart data collection for melting process in foundry.
  • Real-time computation of OEE & process parameters including man, machine, material.
  • Using statistical methods on data to guide the manufacturing process in real-time and do predictions.


  • Mobile / Web-based application for process digitization.
  • Automated search engine for special conditions.
Remote Product Monitoring System With IOT (Joint Program Between VU and C4i4 Labs)


  • Demonstrate concepts of digitalization in Industry 4.0 to students.
  • Give a feel of real-time computation of OEE & process parameters.


  • Setup of digitalisation of traditional lathe machines as an example of a cyber physical system.
  • 20 students got trained using this setup for basic concepts of Industry 4.0.


Rugved Patkar , Idris Press Wala , Yogesh Deshpande and Mrunmai Ranade published a research paper titled “Step Towards Smart Workshop of Industry 4.0: Remote Product Monitoring System using Industrial Internet of Things” at an International Conference on Industry 4.0:Future Perspectives and Agility , Pune, Maharashtra, INDIA in August 2020. The paper bagged first prize and got published in the UGC care journal.

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Prof. Mrunmai Ranade

Dy. Director, Centre For Industry 4.0

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