Student Mentoring

You are most welcome to act as an alumni mentor and share valuable experience in career direction, job hunting/applications, general work skills and insights on industries and professions with student mentees.

Alumni Leadership Lecture Series

Contribute to the leadership development of current VU students in an exchange of knowledge, information, insights and experience, develop relationships with the current VU students and further strengthen the group’s affinity to VU

My story sharing with the current batches

You can make a real difference to the current students. Share your story and motivate them to grow. Post your stories and include a personal message about what you support.

Career openings requirements

If you want to hire a VU student for your full, part-time, contract, or other position — or know of an opening within your company or industry — you’re in the right place. Also, if you know of any organization(s) that can benefit from recruiting outstanding candidates, please be sure to connect us to them. Posting a job is easy. In less than five minutes, you can further both your company’s and a student’s future by connecting to our TnP officer.

Internship Drives

Alumni play a crucial role in the future of VU’s success. An energetic and engaged alumni base provides referrals to companies and organizations that would benefit from employing VU students.If you have a full-time or part-time internship or know of a friend with one, get in touch with the TnP officer. We encourage you to post available positions at your company. You don’t need to be the HR rep or hiring manager—you just need to have an interest in finding and helping talented VU students.

Support a start-up

Encourage budding minds to take up entrepreneurship as a career. Provide financial and other support to start-ups by VU students.

Support needy student

A Gift with a long lasting impact- If you would like to play your part in supporting the future of needy students – in cash or kind, please connect with the Registrar, VU.

Support VU 

We need your support to accomplish our vision. Support us in all possible ways to serve our stakeholders.

Connect us to other Alumni

Help us reach to VU Alumni - new and old. There are so many ways you can help VU to reach out to the alumni. It’s a great way for alumni to connect and celebrate.

Participation into National / international conferences

Alumni are invited to participate in the national / international conference through their research contribution or attending the event.

Support to the National / international conferences

Sponsorship to the national / international conferences

Alumni Corpus fund

Alumni corpus fund will be used for awarding scholarships, student research grants, developing infrastructure, upgrade laboratories, (contribute to the CHAIR PROFESSOR) etc

Infrastructure support

Share your infrastructure for the budding entrepreneurs, faculty / student research

Resource Person for internal evaluation & jury

Alumni are invited as chief guests, jurors,panellists, guest speakers, for various events on campus.

Resource Person for the Editorial board of research publications

Contribute as editorial board member for research journals & other VU publications

Community Involvement projects

Get actively engaged in the community involvement projects partnered by VU.


Consulting services

Leverage our faculty expertise to seek solutions to your business challenges. Contact the VRTCS Cell and seek a formal proposal for a consulting and / or training assignment.

Mentoring & coaching support to Alumni

VU alumni will get continuous learning & development support from Senior Faculty members, online resources & other associates such as advisory board members

Alumni newsletter

This brings you the latest news from the alumni across the university & alumni community. It also has stories of Alumni interest, topics of general concern to the alumni association

CITY / chapter meets

The chapter meet(s) provides an opportunity to interact with the alumni who were a part of the prestigious VU at different times in the past and learn the ropes of the trade better.

Career assistance & deferred placement

We would be glad to provide career assistance and do the needful hand-holding for alumni who are seeking to make a career switch, change of location, migrate to other sectors. Similarly, if you are looking for re-skilling yourself contact the TnP officer for more details. Deferred placement policy will allow the students to try their entrepreneurial skills and incase of change of mind, seek the placement assistance then.

Book a facility

Alumni are welcome to use the libraries and other facilities at nominal charge. A wealth of information is available in a variety of formats. You are also welcome to utilize our auditorium , conference hall, computer lab for a professional event(s) or personal event(s) at nominal charges. Contact the Faculty Incharge – Alumni Relations on alumni email ID for more details.

Employee backcheck support

We provide fair & complete feedback to your potential recruiter. Employers may backcheck with the office of Registrar.

Records & Transcripts

Transcripts may be ordered from the Office of the Registrar in person, by mail. In addition, electronic and paper transcripts may be ordered online. Contact the Registrar OR Faculty Incharge – Student Relations for further details.

Shared Interest Groups (SIGs)

Connect with VU alumni community who care about the same things you do, like general, professional & religious / social interests. SIGs actively engage alumni by communicating and/or gathering around a central unifying purpose, mission, background or activity beyond class year affiliation, cultural affiliation, or regional proximity

Alumni Award / Alumni Entrepreneur Award

The Alumni Awards are the highest honor bestowed on an alumnus/alumnae by the VU. The purpose of these Awards is to recognize VU’s alumnus and alumnae who have reached the pinnacle of their career, made significant contributions to society, and whose accomplishments, affiliations, and careers have honored the legacy of excellence at VU.

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