Wednesday, 20 September 2017 09:17

Visit to Kelkar museum

On 20th September 2017, the students of Graphic Design and Multimedia, Vishwakarma University visited the Raja Kelkar Museum located in heart of Pune, city. It is a collection about 21,000 priceless artifacts such as which mirror the everyday life of India. Lamps, Palanquins, Carved Woodwork, Tin ware, Combs, Bowls, Stones, Hookahs, Locks, Spittoons, Musical Instruments, Miniature Paintings, Glass Paintings, lime containers, Intricately Carved Wooden Doors and Windows, Ancient Dwellings, Nut-cutters, Figurines, Bronzes, arms and armours, ivory, kitchen utensils, textile etc. The collection from this museum reflects the elegance of Indian craftsmanship as well as the vivid imagination of the artists. This visit was important for the students o to understand the era, as well as to recognize and relate to design, form and function aspects of the rich Maharashtrian tradition.

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