Monday, 18 September 2017 09:14

Visit to “Farid Camera Museum”

Our eyes are naturally gifted lenses that capture everything around us and save it in the brain. But camera is something which helps us share these visuals with the world. On 18th September 2017, the students of Journalism and Mass Communication got an opportunity to visit Farid's Camera Museum, Kondhwa. Mr. Farid Sheikh, 85 years old who is the founder of this museum has a collection of over 5000 cameras which are 200 years as old as. Box Cameras, SLR, TLR, German and Russian Made cameras which were used during and post World War II are also available in his archives.

Mr. Farid Sheikh passionately showcased and illustrated the collections of enlargers and array of motion film cameras of 8mm, 16mm and their projectors. During the visit, students not only got a chance to see the cameras but also got to know about the origin and the making of the same. Students interacted with Mr. Farid and understood that no matter the hardships, you must always follow your dreams.

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