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Vishwakarma University’s Unique Model of “Industry on Campus Eco-System” - A Partnership with Tata Technologies Ltd. & IBM.

(A “Learning by Doing” experience, to create an impeccable value for the students and make them future ready.) Education is a natural process carried out by the student and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment – Dr. Maria Montessori.With this motto, Vishwakarma University has partnered with Tata Technologies, Pune, to offer students a comprehensive program based on the concept of “Industry on Campus”. The collaboration aims to create industry-ready engineering professionals to bridge the existing skillset gap and improve student employability.

A well-defined, comprehensive plan will be followed to ensure that Tata Technologies provides end-to-end support to Vishwakarma University during the entire academic cycle. Apart from investing in industrial mock Competency centers and infrastructure, the company will also be offering content support, with instructors being chosen from a pool of over 8500 engineers at Tata Technologies. IBM is set to provide their expertise with collaborative work on curriculum design and courseware in the areas of Business Analytics and Cloud Computing for B. Tech Computer Science students of Vishwakarma University. This will result in students acquiring the much in-demand technical skills - helping them build a robust career in the industry.

The IBM Innovation Centre for Education initiative will equip the students, at the University, to adapt to the dynamics in the industry and drive technology and business innovation. The industry relevant technology courses will provide deep theoretical knowledge to the students, coupled with broad-based industry alignment, interaction, talent discoverability as well as excellence in their professional practice.

Vishwakarma University, Tata Technologies Ltd. and IBM are jointly committed to help students move to their work place seamlessly. By having access to the ecosystem of both IBM and Tata Technologies students will be a cut above the rest when they enter the work place.

Commenting on the partnership with Tata Technologies and IBM, Mr. Bharat Agarwal, President of Vishwakarma University said, “Vishwakarma University is dedicated to the welfare of its students and these partnerships is a step towards fulfilling the same. In a competitive job market, it is just not enough to have theoretical knowledge. We recognize the importance of imparting tactical skills to our students to make them employment-ready. With support from Tata Technologies and IBM, we hope to benefit our students and contribute to the ready pool of productive manpower”

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