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Vishwakarma University is now An Eco Campus

Sustainability with an aim to reduce the carbon footprint was the key theme of the function organised to celebrate the launch of ‘Eco Campus’ set up at Vishwakarma University on 19 November, 2018. This initiative was formally inaugurated by Dr. Don McLean,the founder and CEO of ‘Integrated Environmental Solutions', IES, with the unveiling of the plaque and a mnemonic. Mr.Rohan Raute, Mr. Ameya Chincholikar and Dr. Nilesh Jadhav were the other dignitaries who graced the function along with Dr. Don McLean.

Welcoming the guests, Mr. Bharat Agarwal, President, Vishwakarma University, highlighted the motto of ‘Sustainability along with durability’ while pointing to the commitment of conserving energy on the campus. The guest of honour, Dr. Don McLean elaborated on the energy efficient model of IES which has made a mark of its own. Adding further, he said, “We can survive in a small range of energy consumption and prevent many species from dying and getting extinct. Everyone can make a difference every single day.”

Mr. Bharat Agarwal highlighted the difference made by IES under the leadership of Dr. McLean and stressed how Vishwakarma University aims to take a leaf out of their book. Later, the students from the departments of Engineering, Management, and Art and Design presented some interesting concepts on how they plan to turn Vishwakarma University into an Eco Campus.

Dr. Siddharth Jabade, Vice Chancellor, Vishwakarma University, announced that some of the selected project concepts would be funded by VU. One of the projects recommended building a biomass plant that recycled food waste from canteens on the campus to generate biomass fuel which can subsequently save water and energy.




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