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The Robotic Forum Workshop, Level - I

The Robotic Forum Workshop, Level - I at Vishwakarma University, Pune Innovation is one of the core values of Vishwakarma University, Pune. The university has constantly endeavored to inculcate a spirit of innovation and infuse the knack for practical application of theory in its students. The University takes consistent efforts to this end. A five day interdisciplinary workshop on Robotics was conducted at Vishwakarma University from 25th June to 29th June 2018 for the first year students of the university. The workshop was facilitated by Prof. Harshwardhan Khare and the students of “The Robotic Forum” of our sister organization Vishwakarma Institute of Technology (VIT), Pune. During the workshop, the students built three kinds of basic robots-

1) Obstacle avoiding Robot – The robot understands that there is an obstacle in the path, takes a pause at the obstacle, decides the next course of action, avoids the clash with the obstacle and continues to move further.
2) Mobile phone controlled Robot – Using bluetooth technology, orders can be sent to the Robot to run, to stop, to turn left or right just by tilting the mobile phone.
3) Follower Robot - You can ‘teach’ the Robot what to do. It will “learn and remember” whatever is taught and will execute the task any number of times.

“Atom Robotic Club”, the first technical club of Vishwakarama University was established on 8th March 2018 to facilitate workshops, seminars, talks and increase student participation in the field of robotics.

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