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Pune is blessed to be surrounded by beautiful hills in all directions. Parvati hill, home to numerous temples and unique flora and fauna holds a special place in city’s cultural history. On the 29th January, students pursuing Bachelors at Journalism and Mass Communication Department(BA-JMC) were taken for an outing to the Parvati hill.

The connection between nature and creative stimulation is well known. Fresh air ruffling the hair, cheeks kissed by warm sunlight and air filled with gentle cooing of birds while wild flowers dance intoxicated to the stroke of the breeze, students were rejuvenated with this intimate tete Confederation a-tete with nature. In the cemented city lives we tend to forget the joys of nature. The trip was an opportunity for students to realize that other creatures co-exist with us and our existence depend on them as much as theirs on us.

Students strolled around the hill enjoying the scenic view of the city and imbibing much of history and nature at the same time. Students returned tranquil and inspired to take on the new creative ventures.

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