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‘SRUJANOTSAV’ brings a splash of Diwali colours

On October 17th 2019, a colourful and memorable Art and Design Exhibition was organized at Vishwakarma University by the Faculty of Art and Design students. This event was the whole day long and was held in the Eventorium of Vishwakarma University from Oct 17th 2019 to Oct 18th 2019. The exhibition was a display of the artistic skills and thought processes. The exhibition was inaugurated by The Vice President of Vishwakarma University Prof. (Dr.) Wasudeo Gade and The Vice Chancellor of Vishwakarma University Prof. (Dr.) Siddharth Jabade.

Srujanotsav- handcrafted for your happiness” was all about Diwali inspired products and artworks keeping it eco-friendly. Students were given themes to work on Diwali articles, Akash Kandils, Decorative Diyas, Lanterns, Art and Craft Decor items to design them nature friendly, no harm upon ecosystems.

Students of Art and Design - Product Design Department worked on Bamboo Products. They used Bamboo Material to make innovative and useful products like Chandeliers, Tables, Carry Bags, Lamps, Pens which is eco- friendly and can replace Wood.

Students of Interior Design worked on Sofa and home interior products made out of Waste Barracks, tires. The University trained students to design products, artworks and sell them on the stalls inside the campus to give students the knowledge of making and selling their work to gain the knowledge of how the industry works.

The artworks also included pots, lanterns, jewellery items, diyas, wall hangings inspired by a turtle. Students visited many historical places, temples of Pune to take design inspiration from the ancient art. All the ethnic products were handcrafted and students got a platform to showcase their talent and art. The best thing about this Art Exhibition was the products were made out of waste materials and students made fabulous products from them. The concept of Diwali was explained through the language of design by making ethnic products. Many of students explained the story of Diwali Visually by their Work. Students explored different materials which are environmentally safe for nature. Vishwakarma University was all colourful and decorated with creativity, ideas, collaboration and innovation.


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