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Membership of Association of Designers of India (ADI)

Vishwakarma University is now a member of Association of Designers of India (ADI) - We will work closely with the Pune Chapter of ADI. ADI is the first Indian body for all Indian origin professional designers and related people, educators and the Industry. ADI is a society registered under the Maharashtra Societies Act. ADI, the professional Association of Designers of India, is formed to support members through creating learning & sharing opportunities, creates industry-leading resources and advocates for the profession on behalf of all designers. The ADI raises the profile of design and of its practitioners - its members. They are creating a platform and building knowledge that help employers & clients of design business acknowledge the value that your design adds. As a member, we have access to an extensive network of designers both locally and internationally. Valuable insights from experienced practitioners on design issues, professional practices and management of business & career opportunities can broaden design thinking of students and faculty. The memberships of professional bodies are facilitated by the Placements Office.

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