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Live Streaming of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's “Sankalp to Siddhi” Speech


To mark the 125th anniversary of Swami Vivekananda's Chicago address and Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya's centenary celebrations, on 11th September 2017, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a students' convention. Students of Vishwakarma University witnessed live streaming of the speech. The theme of his speech was 'Young India, New India – A Resurgent Nation: from Sankalp to Siddhi',which means Promise to Execution. The event was held at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi. Shri. Atul Jain, General Secretary; Shri. Mahesh Sharma, Minister of state for Culture (I/C) and Col. Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, Minister of state (I/C) for youth and sports affairs were also present for the event. The event was organized by Deendayal Research Institute (DRI).

Speaking at the event, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stressed upon Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan. Addressing the event, PM Modi quoted, “Indians do not have the right to chant Vande Mataram if they go on to spit pan and throw garbage on roads.” He further added that those who clean the roads and surroundings have the first right in the country. The focus was on the teachings of Vivekananda in the context of the present day and the importance of cleanliness.

Speaking about Swami Vivekanada's address at the Parliament on Religion in Chicago, PM Modi said that people in India remember 9/11 of 1893 and not 9/11 of 2001, when just with a few words, a youngster from India won over the world and showed the world the power of oneness. PM Modi explained that Swami Vivekananda has two faces: one wherever he spoke abroad, he exhibited the grandeur of India ; and the other when he spoke in India he told us of our vices.

The focus of Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke largely about on his clean India mission. He talked about Mission 2022 and the role of the youth in achieving this goal. To motivate young minds by giving multiple examples from Swami Vivekanandas life, he stated that there is no better place for creativity and innovation than university campuses. He also asked students to stop being afraid of failures as no one in this world has succeeded without failures. Student Convention was a fruitful event and was an inspiration for all the students to not only be a part of the new, developed India but to contribute to it.

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