Monday, 06 May 2019 04:36

Industrial visit to INDO SCHOOTLE organised by Centre For E-learning and Industry 4.0

As part of ‘Remote product monitoring System using IIOT’ training organised by centre for ELearning and industry 4.0 of Vishwakarma University, an industrial visit was organised to Indo schootle. The detailed factory tour followed by discussion with experts took place on 6 May 2019. This industry is manufacturing ultra-precision components for current and new generation fuel system assemblies and sub-assemblies with class sizing, using varied ferrous and non-ferrous raw material. The special processes, like DLC, TIN coating, various heat treatments. Students got an opportunity to actually observe implementation of system using CIMCO system which they learn during training. Indo schootle has 12 CNCs from Pune and 12 CNCs from other plant near Belgoan all are coupled to system and they are controlled from Pune. Students observed different dash boards created to control machines. As the system is developing they even accepted some suggestions given by us for upgrading their system. Along with this smart system students even see heat treatment Lab, critical small part manufacturing that too in mass production. Hundreds of products are manufactured with great precision. 14 students of BTech from Vishwakarma University and Vishwakarma Institute of Technology visited the plant. Mrs Mrunmai Ranade facilitated the visit along with Prof. Kaustubh Utpat( VU) and Prof Nitin Sakhare( VIIT ).


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