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Guest Session on "Universal human values”

Guest session on topic "Universal human values” was organised for the commerce and management students on 20 September 2019 at VU campus. Prof.(Dr.) Yogesh Deshpande (Faculty, S&T, VU) conducted the session. The session started with a dialogue on various aspects of human beings. Discussion on the terms like aspirations, goals and life, enabled students to talk about and open up their minds to think more related to the topic. Students were asked to speak about persons both from family and outside family who have influenced their life. Talking about expectations both material and non-material from the family helped students understand what they are looking for.

Speaker enlightened about the concept of Gratitude. Students were asked to express gratitude towards people who have played an important role in their life. Understand the chain of persons involved to get final things to your life. One cannot repay gratitude but can express it with people by doing necessary things for other people. Discussion about Self and Body helped students to think about desire and needs. Students were asked to think about their responsibility towards self, family, hostel, institute, city, nation, world and nature. The entire efforts were towards making students insightful and enable them to acquire, appraise and act on various Universal human values.

Universal human values

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