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Guest session on topic "Introductory lecture on Deaddiction

Guest session on topic "Introductory lecture on Deaddiction” was organized for the psychology students on 24th September 2019 at VU campus. Guest speaker “Mr. Indrajit Deshmukh” addressed the Biological, Psychological and Social aspects that are responsible for causing addictive behaviors, co-morbidity, early signs of addiction, and also the steps that can be taken to avoid curiosity & possible attraction towards addiction and substance abuse; including simple treatment options.

Speaker enlightened the students about the concept of brain biology and the different neurotransmitters that are involved in understanding addiction. This information was put forward with the help of examples of daily living, so even a layman can understand the functioning of these neurotransmitters. Students also learned about the basics of psychology of addictive behaviors and social factors that can contribute to the development of addictive behaviors.

This will empower them to come up with strategies to develop a community that creates an atmosphere of understanding and lends support to someone suffering from addiction. Entire session was successfully coordinated by HSS faculty Asst. Prof. Kajree Korde, Asst.Prof Nikita Jadhav and Asst. Prof. Shubham Sherekar.

Introductory lecture on Deaddiction

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