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Go Kart Activity

Go Kart is a recreational vehicle with 4 open wheels and accommodates a single driver. Go Kart races are popular world over. Students of Mechanical Engineering Department, Faculty of Science &Technology has designed and built a Go Kart vehicle using high end CAD packages like CATIA and CREO available in-house. The Go Kart will be powered by 125cc 4-stroke engine. This Go Kart will be participating in various national level competitions in upcoming days. The team is being guided by Prof. Nikhil Ingle and Prof. Abhijeet Mali of Mechanical Engineering Department, Faculty of Science & Technology.

Student Team. (Mechanical Engineering)
1. Prathamesh Hire
2. Pratk Hawal
3. Bhushan Shete
4. Neeraj Gavde
5. Anish Jaggi
6. Bakhtawarsingh Bains
7. Soham Mahajan
8. Rohit Joshi
9. Abhishek Kodag
10. Akhil Mahajan
11. Feryn Dedhiya
12. Krishna Rathi
13. Krishnapalsingh Dalawat
14. Manas Mundhada
15. Pranav Hotkar
16. Pranav Umbarkar
17. Prithviraj Mohite
18. Rushab Shende
19. Uday Jagtap
20. Viplav Patil
21. Yoshita Shejwal
22. Shubham Sakhre

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