Sr. No. Name of Officer Designation
1 Mr. Bharat Agarwal President
2 Prof. (Dr) Wasudeo Gade Vice – President
3 Prof (Dr) Siddharth Jabade Vice - Chancellor
4 Prof (Dr) Milind Kulkarni Dean - ST
5 Prof (Dr) Umesh Patwardhan Dean - CM
6 Prof (Dr) Avadhut Atre Dean - AD
7 Prof (Dr) Avadhut Atre Dean – JMC
8 Prof (Dr) Sunil Doke Dean - IDS
9 Prof (Dr) Kedar Sant Registrar
10 CA Sunil Takalkar Chief Finance & Accounts Officer
11 Prof (Dr) Yuvraj Lahoti Director - Board of Examinations & Evaluations
12 Prof. (Dr.) Yogesh Deshpande Director - Center for E-learning, Industry 4.0 and Unity Center of Excellence 
13 Prof (Dr) Umesh Patwardhan Director – Admissions, Students Development
14 Prof (Dr) Sunil Doke Director - Research
15 Dr (Mrs) Sheetal Naik Director – Knowledge Resource Centre
16 Prof (Dr) Kailas Patil Chief Digital Officer

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