Research Interests of the Guides

Prof. Siddharth Jabade:

The transformational research, development and innovation interest comprises of energy efficient systems and system engineering aspects using effective intellectual property (in particular patent system) synergy in the innovation process. In particular, domains relate to binary liquid processes, energy efficient and environment friendly water & sanitation systems, energy efficient enabling systems for data centers, energy efficient and green building structures, systems engineering for effective synergy and I integration for operational and delivery excellence in the global environment.

Prof. Kailas Patil (Ph.D National University of Singapore)

My three research domains (Internet of Things [IoT], Renewable [Green] Energy, Security) and its short description is given below for your ready reference.

Internet of Things (IoT) The Internet of things (IoT) is the network of physical devices, home appliances, and other items embedded with electronics, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity which enable these objects to connect and exchange data. The applications for internet connected devices are extensive. The research projects in this domain will focus on innovating farming methods. Farming challenges caused by population growth and climate change have made it one of the first industries to utilize the IoT. Also, IoT research projects to enable remote health monitoring and emergency notification systems. In addition, research projects to assist in the integration of communications, control, and information processing across various navigation and transportation systems.

Machine Learning: Students are expected to construct algorithms that can learn from and make prescriptions on data in various fields such as renewable energy, green energy, data center, etc.  

Security: The research projects in this domain will focus on cloud security issues and chanllenges, auditing systems, network security, mobile security and web security.

Prof. Y.D.Deshpande(Ph.D. – IIT Guwahati)

Research Domain:Human Computer Interactions (HCI)

Interactions between humans and computersshould be as intuitiveas conversations betweentwo humans. However we findmany interactive products around us that fail to achieve this. The research in “Human-Computer-Interactions (HCI)” focuses on human aspects of these interactions with a goal of making these interactions enjoyable and useful to the user.HCI study involves observing and modeling interactions and designing new technologies that let humans interact with computers in novel ways. The research in HCI combines fields of computer science, behavioral sciences, design, media studies, ergonomics and several other fields of study.

Research Interests:

• Interactive learningspaces
• Augmented reality applications to education
• User experience design
• Software-Usability Engineering
• Educational Technology
• Context-awarecomputing

Prof. Avadhut M. Atre:

Due to the remarkable success rate of design-led companies, design has evolved beyond making objects. Organizations now want to learn how to think like designers, and apply design principles to the workplace itself. Design thinking is at the core of effective strategy development and organizational change.

You can design the way you lead, manage, create and innovate. The design way of thinking can be applied to systems, procedures, protocols, and customer/user experiences. The purpose of design, ultimately, is to improve the quality of life for people and the planet.

Research Areas: Applied Art, Advertising, Design, Advertising Media, Communication Design, Graphic Design, Interactive Design, Animation & Advertising, Advertising & Marketing, Branding, Visual Merchandising, Photography, Letterforms & Typography, Design Thinking, Visual Arts, Fine Arts, Comparative study in Fine Arts.

Prof. Dr. Yuvraj Lahoti

Currently business across world are facing problems of sustained growth. Key to becoming successful is to tackle problems related; consumer behaviour, implementation of new communication media’s like digital marketing and at broader note business administration problems.

Having great experience of analytically looking at business problems related to marketing, marketing communications, brand building, consumer behaviour and commerce made me a true researcher in the Business Domains.

I’m currently working on research areas; “visual constituency affecting product attitude”, “how does consumer reacts to online and offline brand alliance”, “importance of beliefs and attitude in purchase of high and low involvement products”, “repositioning of brands”, and business administration problems like; “effectiveness of digital marketing strategy and budget for start-ups”, “promotional warfare and communication innovations” and, “how administration and leadership qualities redefine organisational process in difficult economic times”

Specific Domain: Marketing Management, Digital Marketing, Brand Management & Business Administration

You may contribute in all such research by joining with me for your Doctoral research.

Prof. Sunil Doke:

Decision making is integral part of human life. Professionals have to ensure rationality in their decisions. It is said that a manager can be forgiven for taking a wrong decision but not forgiven for taking an irrational decision. To ensure rationality in decisions; scientific methods must be adopted otherwise the rationality cannot be proved. I am researching the domain of decision making process. You are invited to join me in this quest. The areas: Decision science, Risk management, Decision making under uncertainty, negotiation analysis, behavioral decision theory, Multidimensional segmentation procedure, pricing theories and Indian role models and their contribution.

Prof. Dr. Kedar D. Sant

The educational qualifications being B.E. (Mech), M.E. (Mech – Heat Power) and Ph. D. (Mech from IIT Bombay) and experience of almost two and a half decades. The specialization being in Thermal and Fluids branch of Mechanical Engineering, broader areas of interest for research are Refrigeration, Cryogenics, Non-conventional Energy Sources, Thermal systems and Heat Transfer Equipment. The specific research areas are as follows:-

1. Refrigeration systems – analysis for performance enhancement, development of non-conventional systems,
2. Cryogenic systems – Stirling cryocoolers, Materials to be used at cryogenic temperatures
3. Non-conventional Energy Sources – Performance enhancement of Solar Thermal systems for different applications, Development of Solar Thermal systems for new applications
4. Thermal systems – Analysis and development of energy efficient thermal systems, Waste heat recovery in thermal systems, Efficient refrigeration compressor system
5. Heat transfer equipment – Analysis and development of Heat pipes and Loop heat pipes for various applications

Guided M. Tech and B. Tech student projects in above mentioned areas. Completed and ongoing different research projects funded by SPPU, ISRO etc. About 10 research papers published in last 3 years.

Dr. Jayashree Vispute

I have completed my Ph D in Marketing Management from Savitribai Phule Pune Univeristy, Pune and my research expertiseare in the Marketing Management domain. I have experimented and used qualitative tools and quantitative tools to conduct research. My doctoral thesis focused on profiling and segmentation study of Screenagers based on their attitude towards media, media consumption motives and media preferences where I employed multiple research tools to get answers to my research questions.

My research interests are in new-age customer experiences, digital marketing, use of social media, segmentation and consumer behavior. I have 15 odd research contributions in various journals and conferences to my credit. A couple of these are collaborative papers with colleagues and students. Apart from research papers, I have published case studies and book reviews too.

I have completed a funded research grant project where the focus was on segmentation of young adults into distinct behavioral groups based on media usage patterns.Apart from academic research, I have been involved in industrial research to throw light on real world corporate problems. My research experience extends to be the Associate-editor for anational bi-annual ISBN research journal- Vishwakarma Business Review for half a decade.

Dr. Umesh Patwardhan

Dr. Umesh Patwardhan is Associate Professor at Department of Management, Vishwakarma University. He possesses Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce and Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management. He is post-graduate in Computer Management and also in Management Sciences (Marketing) from University of Pune. He holds PhD in Marketing Management from Savitribai Phule Pune University. He has more than 18 years experience of teaching to management graduate and post graduate students, teachers and corporate professionals.

Research by Dr. Umesh have been accepted by Journals of National and International repute. He has attended number of research conference and presented papers. His areas of interest are Marketing Research, Digital Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Information Communication & Technology (ICT) and Information Systems. Philosophically he prefers research based on positivism, methodologically leading to deductive, hypothesis driven, empirical research via logical and mathematical treatments. He strongly believes in mix method research.

Dr. Chetan Kapadnis

India has become one of the leading countries focussing on the research of energy and environmental technology. We aim at contributing to the advanced research in new and renewable energy sector and better understanding of the occurrence of environmental damage and the application of preventive and control measures directed towards public and private needs and demands especially related to modern process industry. Solar energy is free, abundant and clean source of energy.

The focus of research in energy technology is directed towards the improved systems for efficient harvesting of solar energy. This includes but not limited to the finding better configuration for the collectors, novel solar selective coating, use of nanomaterials, direct absorption collectors, etc. The environment is being degraded everyday by modern industry. The various kinds of preventive as well as contorl treatment processes are being explored, researched and designed under the centres of excellence. This includes but not limited advanced treatment process, membrane separations, advanced filtration, etc

Dr. Radhakrishna Batule

The business scenario in India is changing dynamically. An important factor driving this change is the Retail sector. Within the Retail Sector, we witness a shift in the consumer behaviour of selecting and buying a product on one hand and on the other a change in the marketers’ strategy of marketing and selling their products and services. These recent developments have heightened the Research Interest in Retail Marketing areas such as Private Labels, Online retail, Retail Communication Mix, Service quality, Branding of services, consumer behaviour in retail sector. Vishwakarma University welcomes you for Research studies in the evolving retail landscape.

Dr. Ashutosh Kulkarni

Dr. Ashutosh Kulkarni is a faculty in Department of Interdisciplinary Studies , Vishwakarma University. He possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and a Post-Graduate degree in Computer Applications. He holds a Ph.D in Management. He has more than 16 years experience in teaching and administration. He has been appreciated in International Conference organized by Michigan State University, USA at Dubai in 2015. He has attended a number of research conferences and presented papers.

Research Areas :
1. Employability of Fresh Graduates
2. Career Planning and Entrepreneurship
3. Quality Management Systems in Education

Dr. Milind V Kulkarni

Artificial Intelligence- Learning process consists of the adaptation of new knowledge, the evolution of motor and intellectual skills through training or practice, the organization of new knowledge, effective representations, and the detection of new facts and theories through investigation and experimentation. Since the initiation of the computer age, researchers have been striving to implant such capabilities in computers. Solving this problem has been, and remains a most challenging and fascinating long-range goal in Artificial Intelligence (AI). The study and computer modeling of learning processes in their multiple demonstrations constitutes the subject matter of machine learning.
Primary research focus of Machine Learning
| Task oriented Studies (Engineering Approach)
| Intellectual Simulation
| Theoretical Analysis

High Performance Computing- Many real time applications are computationally intensive in nature. By investigating intelligent algorithms performance can be improved Computer Analogy to improve the performance 
1. Use faster hardware: e.g. reduce the time per instruction (clock cycle). 
2. Optimized algorithms and techniques 
3. Multiple computers to solve problem: That is, increase no. of instructions executed per clock cycle.
Researchers can investigate new algorithms to solve such problems.

Image Processing- Picture speaks more than words but requires more memory to store. So the processing on picture or image is a computationally intensive problem. Many image/video processing problems can be solved by investigating intelligent algorithms with high performance computing.

Prof. Dr. Gunesh Gogate

My broad research interests are Theory of Machines, Optimization and Robotics. Specifically, I have been doing research in the areas of Rotatability Analysis of Six-Link Mechanisms, Optimum Synthesis of Planar Mechanisms, Optimization using Genetic Algorithms, Analysis and Synthesis of Adjustable Mechanisms and Dynamics of Adjustable Mechanisms. Apart from doing further research in these areas, I would be interested in carrying out research in areas like Biomedical Engineering, Biomechanics and Robotics.

Dr. Sheetal Naik

Dr. Sheetal D. Naik is Director of Knowledge Resource Centre, Vishwakarma University. She processes Bachelor’s and Post-Graduate Degree in Computer Science and B.Lib & I.Sc., M.Lib. & I.Sc., M.Phil, SET in Library and Information Science. She holds a Ph.D. in Library and Information Science. She has more than 12 years experience in Library Science. Research by Dr. Sheetal has been accepted by Journals of National and International repute. She has attended number of research conference and presented papers.

Her areas of interest are: Digital Library, Library Networking, Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Information Systems. E-Resources Management, Information Literacy, Open Source Resources, Management Tools and Techniques in LIS.

Dr. Bhupender Singh

Research Domain are:
| Personality psychology,
| Emotions,
| Motivation,
| Positive psychology,
| Industrial and Organizational psychology,
| Cognitive psychology.

The concept of Personality is popularly is more related to the set of traits in the individual. The dynamic organization within the individuals of those psychophysical traits that determines his unique adjustment to these environments (Allport, 1937). The assessment involves the use of paper-pencil and projective techniques. This has grabbed the interest of various researchers from around the scientific disciplines. Its applicability is better utilized by various organization for understanding the person, its inner strengths and weakness, so that they utilize the energy efficiently.

The studies done in Positive Emotions and Positive psychology has attracted the psychologist immense interest for utilizing the research outcome at personal, social, institutional and organizational level. The sense of subjective well-being, gratitude, mindfulness is contributing in the positive emotions of every child, adolescent and adult.

It has always been a major challenge for a person to maintain the motivation at one goal for prolonged duration. The concept of motivation as the energy which compels to person to move towards the attainment of the goal, is continuously been studied at various level of application. Starting from school (managing the motivation of students in studies and sports) to organization (improving the work motivation even in daily challenging situation) has pushed the researchers ahead of the traditional thoughts of motivation. The combined understand of emotion and motivation has led to its maximum applicability in the field of Industrial psychology.

Industrial and Organizational psychology is the science of human behavior relating to work and applies psychological theories and principles to organizations and individuals in their places of work as well as the individual's work-life. The area of research and work is to improve the individual’s performance,motivation,job satisfaction, andoccupational safety and healthas well as the overallhealthandwell-beingof its employees.

Cognitive psychology which usually starts with the understanding anatomical structure of the brain to its relation to the behavior, is being massively explored by clinical psychologist, neuropsychologist, bio-psychologist, computer professionals and many others. It can be the use of mental imagery in the training, to the minded feeling of all senses and possible neural disorder and problems. The scope of research in such a field is limitless and will always be the high priority research for the mankind.

Dr.Kingshuk Mukherjee

Research Domain are:
| Visual Merchandising and Store Design
| Indian Paintings in Fashion and Lifestyle
| Lifestyle Accessories
| Textile Prints and Patterns
| Fashion Brands and Luxury Brands
| Fashion Retail.
| Fashion Trends and Trend Forecasting

Dr. Jagadish Tawade

Dr. Jagadish Tawade is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics, Vishwakarma University, Pune. He has completed his Graduate in science, Post Graduate and Ph.D in Mathematics from Gulbarga University, Kalaburgi. He has more than 12 years of experience of teaching and research. Dr. Jagadish Tawade has published over 34 research papers in National and International repute. He has attended/organised number of research Workshops/Conference/FDP/STTP etc., and presented many papers. He has received DST-SRF during his Ph.D and completed a major research project sanctioned by VGST Bangalore, GoK.

His areas of interest are :
1) Computational Fluid Mechanics
2) Boundary layer theory
3) Numerical Method
4) MHD Viscoelstic fluid flows
5) Unsteady fluid flows
6) Nano liquid films

Dr.Prasad Gokhale

Prasad Gokhale is currently faculty member in the Department of Computer Engineering at the Vishwakarma University (VU) Pune. He received his Ph.D. and M.Tech degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay, India. He was a member of the Gigabit Networking Laboratory at IIT Bombay. He is a reviewer for Journal of Optical Communications and Networking (JOCN), Journal of Signal Image and Video Processing Springer, IEEE Communication Magazine. He has published 3 papers in International Journal and around 6 papers in International and National Conferences. Dr. Gokhale was nominated for Corning Outstanding Student Paper in IEEE/OSA OFC/NFOEC 2010. His current areas of interest are Broadband Policies, Internet Economics, Modeling and Optimization of Communication Network, Network Security, Mobile Computing, Cloud Computing.

Dr. Rajnesh Kumar Pandey (Ph.D. - Assam University, Silchar)

Research Domain: Journalism, Media & Communication

Journalism, Media & Communication is playing very significant role in shaping and creating intellect types of discourses in academia as well as in industry which finally leads to explore and redefine different concepts and in-depth inquiry. One should know the ongoing and contemporary issues which is influencing this field. Research in this filed leads to organize and synthesize our understanding and opinions as well. As of now there are so many research institutions which has taken up this task and they are successfully moving ahead to generate new and creative plus knowledgeable type of data and theories. Research in Journalism, Media and Communication has so many advantages because after having proper in-depth enquiry only, we should know the changing perception in terms of opinions, act, semiotic representation etc. The vital component of research in this field is that so much of data which we are gathering is participatory in nature and due to its emerging field one has to be cautious about its concept and constructs.

Research Interests:

1) Development Communication
2) New Media
3) Newspapers and magazine analysis
4) Gender & Sexuality
5) Health Communication
6) Political Communication
7) Traditional ways of communication
8) Ideology and propaganda
9) Rhetoric and politics and media
10) International Communication
11) Political culture and communication
12) Rural communication
13) Television and Radio research
14) Feminism and Media

Dr. Shraddha Khamparia

Water is the most important natural resource which is vital for sustenance of life on earth. Current statistics shows that the limited potable water available is getting detoriated day by day in an exponential rate through various anthropogenic activities. The need of the hour is to find out the efficient ways and methods by which potable water can regains its characteristics by applications of hybrid technologies and synthesized materials/chemicals. Another approach is to treat the industrial waste water and convert into more usable form instead of discharging into water bodies which results into secondary pollution.

Most importantly, for the countries dealing with problem of over population, provision of basic amenities such as drinking water is a herculean task. Thus the scope of research in the areas of water and waste water treatment becomes wide. Her areas of interest are following but not limited to

I Water and Water Water Treatment
I Adsorption Technique
I Modelling and Simulation
I Synthesis of organic/inorganic materials

Dr. Shraddha Khamparia is currently working as Deputy Director in the state of the art Wilo-VU Water Quality Centre of Excellence and is a faculty in Science and Technology stream in Vishwakarma University. She is actively involved in several research projects undergoing in Water Quality Centre of Excellence. She had been awarded with Junior Research Fellowship by Symbiosis International University, Lavale, Pune for her doctoral research work. Dr. Khamparia is having 9 international journal papers of high repute (SCI and Scopus indexed), and 4 national journal papers (UGC approved) in her credit. Contributions in the form of book chapters have also been made by Dr. Khamparia which is published by Springer and Taylor and Francis. She has presented and attended various conferences and workshops.

Dr. Sandeep Kumar Shukla (PH.D. - Physics , Post Doc. IIT, Kanpur)

My Field of Research is

I Vibrational spectroscopy
I Phonon dispersion 
I Phase transition
I Molecular dynamics for studying adsorption of various materials on semiconductor surfaces
I Surface Physics.

Dr. Radheshyam Jadhav

Dr. Radheshyam Jadhav is an award-winning journalist and communication researcher with twenty years of experience in the field reporting and research. He holds a Ph.D in journalism and communication science and has been a British Chevening Gurukul fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He has over twenty awards and scholarships to his credit in these two decades. With a proven track record of writing about politics, gender issues, health, agriculture, environment and rural and urban development issues, Dr. Jadhav's research in empowerment journalism and communication has been based on extensive field visits. He has put oppressed people and their constructive struggle at the centre of the communication process. While working with national newspapers including The Times of India, The Indian Express and The Hindu BusinessLine Dr. Jadhav has also contributed to the world of academia in various capacities.

Research Areas: Development Communication, Empowerment Communication, Participatory Communication, Mass Media Language, Media and Society, Media Ethics, Rural Development, Agriculture Journalism, Civic Journalism.

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