Established as State Private University under Maharashtra Govt. Act XXXVIII of dated 3rd May, 2017, for the development and advancement of higher education.

Recognized by University Grant Commission (UGC).

Learning Environment

Vishwakarma University provides a congenial learning environment to its learners through diverse resources, contexts and cultures. Here students experience an open, global learning environment enabling them to develop an in-depth knowledge, critical reasoning and analytical thinking skills, independent research skills, problem solving and leadership skills. At Vishwakarma University students are engaged in constant opportunities for practice which are authentic, transparent and balanced. Innovative, experiential, blended teaching, learning and assessment methods offer real-world situations to learners leading to alternative solutions.

Holistic Development

Today, education is no more attributed merely to academics, but refers to a wide spectrum of activities where students avail opportunities to develop their abilities in a holistic manner. Vishwakarma University through Variety of co-curricular, extra-curricular, social, industry connect activities develops students holistically to survive in the modern world.

At Vishwakarma University students are developed socially, intellectually and emotionally by helping them to know their inner strengths and connect the mind, body & spirit. Collaborative culture practiced at Vishwakarma University reduces competition among students and deepens relationships.

Blend of variety of courses, pedagogies and implementation of diverse aspects Psychology, Economics, Art, Humanities and Social Sciences, contributes to enhanced employability of the learners.


Pune, known as the Oxford of the East, has a long history of grooming young students. It has always been a preferred destination for enriched quality learning at varied levels of education.

Vishwakarma University is well-experienced in nurturing young talent and channelizing the potential of students to help achieve their dreams. The environment at Vishwakarma University is very warm, friendly, disciplined, safe & secure for students of all genders, backgrounds, social status, cultures and nationalities. All-inclusive professional systems & mechanisms ensure a homely environment for new entrants and assist them to adapt to new atmosphere, people, food, language etc.

The faculty, mentors, administrative staff as well as authorities are approachable and always available to help students in their professional endeavors and personal growth.

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