We are invested in the success of every student

With decades of expertise in nurturing young minds, we ensure that your ward feels right at home from the moment he or she steps onto our campus. Students at Vishwakarma University are not just instructed, but mentored. It is this mentorship that enables a student to see beyond the ordinary, to set goals higher than the usual and more importantly, to achieve the impossible.

We are invested in the success of every student and to the extraordinary learning that will occur both inside and outside the classroom. The university offers excellent facilities in academics, employability, placement and entrepreneurship. We offer programs and activities that support and complement their academic interests. The co-curricular and extracurricular activities are actively promoted during the academic session. We strive to provide a safe and secure environment, and we work to empower students to take responsibility for their choices, actions, and their learning.

At Vishwakarma University, students join a group of people - faculty, staff, and students from across the regions - who are committed to fostering a sense of community in which students build lasting relationships based on the principles of ethical conduct, engaged and generous listening, an understanding of diversity in all its complexity, respect for self and others, patience with the process of learning, and a commitment to promoting positive change in the world.


Here are few fundamental principles that guide our interactions with parents / guardians and students as we seek to facilitate every student’s growth;

We encourage

We encourage students to become active learners and to take responsibility for their own education, both inside and outside the classroom. They are prompted to participate in and lead variety of relevant activities from time to time.

We expect

We expect students to take the initiative to explore the resources and support provided by Vishwakarma University. These resources touch every aspect of students’ lives, including academic and personal counselling and mentoring, health and wellness services, and career planning.

We believe

We believe it is of utmost importance for students and parents to establish and maintain open lines of communication with each other. Think about creating a mutually agreed upon plan and keep the teachers in loop.

Get Involved

Parents Meet

Vishwakarma University organizes parents meet annually and you are requested to wholeheartedly participate in this crucial initiative. You shall receive more details from the concerned about the same.

Knowledge Sharing

Vishwakarma University believes that the parents can contribute to the overall development of students by contributing as a resource person in events.

University Committees

Vishwakarma University is keen on the involvement of parents in the educational excellence through committees.

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