Prof. Yuvraj Lahoti

Controller of Examinations & Professor
Faculty of Commerce & Management

I’m a Science graduate and Masters in Management(MBA) after that completed my Post Graduate higher studies in Commerce and Management with M. Phil in Commerce and Management and Ph.D. in Commerce from Shivaji University Kolhapur.

I have worked as Director of Vishwakarma Global Business School, Pune an AICTE approved Post Graduate Institute, and handled various academic and administrative roles.

Before that Director of Vishwakarma Global Education a institute offering UK Education Post Graduation Pathways and looked after Dubai and Mauritius center’s. Also worked as Director of Management Centre at Dubai and visited many countries for academic development works. Before worked as Assistant Professor in Marketing and developed many cases and also executed various research activities for corporate houses. I have great experience of Academic Administration and passionate to bring reforms in the academic processes.

Teaching Philosophy: As a University Professor my teaching philosophy is shaped with broader academic philosophy of Teaching, Research and synthesizing this into real world applications. Given this academic frame, the foundation of my teaching philosophy involves engaging students as active participants in the learning process. This philosophy guides and reflects my objectives and how I attempt to achieve these objectives. My teaching objective is improving student’s ability to think critically, communicate language of marketing new world and lead the situations of competition in general, about marketing.

To involve students in critical thinking my approach is lead students into questions and answers, case study development and discussions, taking them to field and make them work on literally every aspect of marketing. Translating marketing concepts into real business world applications, not only makes learning easier, but it’s also more fun and provides students with professional marketing skills and a portfolio of plans they can use as examples to show prospective employers. These plans are based mostly on business cases of real companies, but also on a computer marketing simulation like MarkStrat. And finally immerse them into ocean of Marketing. Finally my educational philosophy is teaching, academic research and service to the business community.

1. Marketing Management,
2. Advertising Management
3. Brand Management

» Industry Experience: 02

» Teaching Experience: 15

Research on Consumer Behavior, Brand Acceptance.

» 02- International Publications
» 04- National Publications

02 GGG Nagpur & Deccan Gymkhana Pune

» Trained 160 staff of Co Operative society and banks managerial and banking staff on being appointed by Department Co operative Government of Maharashtra.

» Retail Marketing Managerial Training to 23 Store Managers of T Choithram & Sons, Dubai.

» Given Consultancy to Onion King Brand, and also to Innoserve Technology for Marketing

» Trained CREDAI member group company staff for Construction Marketing

Established connect with Retail and Construction Companies, CREDAI

» Received International Award for Young People n India from Duke of Edinburgh, London for social service.

»  Best Teacher Award of VGBS in the year of 2011



» As head of AICTE Approved Institution and also at International Centre at Dubai, I have handled various challenging roles from Active Contribution in Institution development plans, curriculum development, assessment and examination system with new practices, and overall student development with various new methods.

» Involving faculty in innovative teaching methods and also on innovations in real. Actively connecting industry in academic development.

» Developed a CBCS pattern PGDM syllabus on guidelines of AICTE New Delhi

» Developed marketing case studies to use in curriculum for effective learning.

» Used HBR Cases in teaching

» Rural Immersion programme developed for rural marketing students.

» Developed a course for Construction Companies staff to excel their qualifications and managerial skills and knowledge.

» Learned and used IBM Cognitive Analytics using Watson Analytics in research for industry as well as in teaching.

» Worked as Centre Director of Vishwakarma Centre for Management and Technology, Dubai for 3 Yrs.

» Invited and actively participated in innovative teaching practices with UK Education, by NCC Education UK at Malta.

» Invited and visited by University of Bamenda, Cameroon; for Capacity Building Programme for students and Staff of University of Bamenda.

» Invited and developed Telecome Management and Banking programme for Cameroon.

» Invited by T Choithram and Sons Dubai for Staff Training

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