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VU values the contribution of academic and professional expertise available in the society. We believe in expanding the body-of-knowledge through exchange of ideas, knowledge and skills. VU would like to collaborate with other institutions/industry and people for enhancing quality of education. We require involvement of academicians, practitioners and skilled professionals in teaching, training, and research on regular basis. VU wants to partner with distinguished individuals who have excelled in their field of specialization and who would like to contribute to the academia for enriching overall learning and bringing multi-disciplinary approach or ‘real world’ experience to teaching. VU believes in interaction of learners with skilled professionals for imparting industry relevant standards in skills, acceptable globally. VU has kept its doors open to researchers for jointly undertaking fundamental and applied research in the interest of society. We would like to have senior academicians or professionals who can mentor and play inspirational role in R&D activities. We appeal to the entire academic and professional fraternity to partner with us in various ways mentioned below.

Adjunct Faculty

Professional experts or specialists with postgraduate or doctoral qualifications and having relevant academic and research credentials can work with VU as an Adjunct Faculty for tenure.

Visiting faculty

You can be associated as visiting (guest/part-time) faculty possessing minimum qualification for the post of an Assistant Professor working on lecture basis.

Expert Lectures

You can interact with learners for sharing your professional experience and expertise and bring about an industry-perspective among learners and make them think beyond curriculum.

Project Evaluators / Jury

Those interested in contributing to developmental projects can contribute by becoming members of project review panel or jury. You will be required to periodically review the progress of learners of their graduation projects.

Research Reviewers

You can become a member of the PG or doctoral research reviews panel. You will be required to periodically judge the research work and give valuable suggestions or feedback for enhancing quality of research.

Vocational Trainers

Professionals from industry with specialized professional skills/trades can impart these skills to learners through value-added short-term trainings. These may also include soft-skills.

Research Fellows

You may work on funded research projects as research assistant of fellow under a project investigator from VU.

Member of Board of studies

You can become member of Board of Studies in various programs contributing directly in developing curriculum and teaching learning guidelines and standards.

External Paper Setters

You can involve as external paper setter and/or evaluator for summative exams

Faculty Trainers and Motivators

You can be a faculty trainer imparting training on technology, tools and pedagogy. High achievers and inspirational speakers can give motivational lectures to faculties.

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