On 12th September, Vishwakarma University organized a seminar on Cyber Security for the faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, in collaboration with The State University of New York, Binghamton USA.

Prof. John Bay, Ms. Margaret Cude of Binghamton University and Vice president of Vishwakarma University Dr. Vasudev Gade were present at this event. Prof. John Bay in his lecture spoke about the lack of awareness amongst people with respect to internet security and how people share their personal information with the 3rd party vendors without thinking. Giving various examples from health system he explained that how the cyber security model works. He also mentioned about the exploitation of different systems such as airway system, Wi-Fi system etc.

Prof. Bay is an experienced faculty and has done over 1700 citation wise research work. He has also worked at military level security and is well aware about the offences and defenses of the same.

The seminar was put forward in such a way that the students who did not belong to computer technology background could also understand it well. The response from the students was positive and the students interacted with Prof. Bay following the seminar.

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