Counselling by Practitioners

Counselling by practitioners is an opportunity to resolve problems, improve understanding and learn new skills. It provides a supportive and confidential environment where you can talk openly about your concerns and feelings.

The study years are exciting and challenging. At times the demands can be complicated and daunting. Counselling provides students the professional assistance with emotional and psycho-social concerns. Anxiety, confusion, depression, and anger are among the many psychological obstacles to well-being, and often diminish potential and achievement.

Asking for help during vulnerable times is a sign of strength. A counsellor can give feedback, encourage further questioning, validate self-awareness and responsibility, and support students until self-confidence is secure again.

Psychometric Assessment

Understanding the psychology of the student is a critical part in their overall grooming and personality development. Each semester the student would undergo two or more psychometric tests followed by personal counseling. Various aspects of the student’s career are discussed on the basis of these psychometric tests. The student receives guidance on career choices and role preferences. The psychometric tests touch upon learning styles, personality treads, motivational and attitudinal aspects of an individual.

Psychometric Tests such as MBTI (to assess the personality traits), Learning Style Inventory (to understand the learning style of the student), Tolerance to Change (to understand the degree of adaptability), and Sentence Completion Test (to assess the motivation level of the student are administered).

Career Counselling & Guidance

Vishwakarma invites various professionals to help the students deal with career related issues. These interventions help the students to clear the confusion about what career path to choose. The career counselling takes the form of interactions with experienced professionals, generic inputs about skills & behaviours, recruiter expectations, career paths and challenges, specialization related guidance, sector specific guidance, and individual specific career guidance.

The experts and practitioners come from diverse fields and cater to varying counselling needs of students throughout placement process. The inputs provided in this initiative help students in not just getting the first job but also in career progression over the years.

Behavioural Skills Counselling

Behaviour is learned and can therefore be adjusted to ensure better results in all walks of life. Behavioural counselling aims to improve one’s relationships, develop interpersonal skills and looks to eradicate unwanted behaviour. It is essential for a good experience on campus, better placement and a successful career.

Students with personal problems that are interfering with their ability to attend classes, to study, or to take exams should contact HoD to discuss how to handle the problem. In case of interpersonal issues within the class or campus for that matter, a student could get in touch with the class teacher.

Counselling for Life Coping Skills

Coping skills are the ability to handle life's challenges in the most effective ways, maximizing chances of success or survival, and minimizing the damages and other negative consequences. There is a virtually unlimited spectrum of difficult, or even potentially devastating, situations that life could hit a person with, sooner or later. It could be a one time blow, like a loss of loved one, or it could be something that stays a big challenge for many years, even for life, without giving much of break.

One’s ability to cope with these situations well and stay in control depends most on his/her strengths in actions and emotions. Counsellors at Vishwakarma University help students in need with certain skills and coping strategies that can make such students much stronger in these areas.

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