MoU with Korea Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea

Faculty / Student Exchange  | Participation in Seminars and Workshop Special short term research programs | Students fellowship program  Research Exchange

MoU with State University of New York, Binghamton, USA

Student and Faculty Exchange  | Jointly Sponsored Research  | Other Academic Exchanges Exchange and Sharing of Research and Teaching Materials  | Joint Conferences and Workshops Study Abroad Programs  | Development of Jointly Awarded Degree Programs vii. 2+2 Program

MoA with National University, USA

To establish relationship that will promote educational opportunities for the students and faculty

MoU with The University of Ngaoundere, Cameroon

To establish academic, capacity development, research cooperation and outreach

MoU with Wufeng University, Taiwan

Exchange of faculty, staff members and students Exchange of publications relevant academic and scholarly information

MoU with University of Ontario, Canada

Student Exchange

MoA with Hof University of Applied Sciences, Hof, Germany

Exchange of information and experience  | Faculty / Student Exchange Program Cooperative Research Projects  | Erasmus + Programme



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