Call for Papers

Track 1: Science & technology

1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
2. Internet of Things
3. High Performance Computing
4. Sustainable technologies in materials, energy, transportation and manufacturing
5. Mechatronics & Automation

Track 2: Commerce & Management

1. Ecosystem Innovations
2. Managing Innovations
3. User Innovations
4. Management of Social Transformation
5. Social Economy

Track 3: Law

1. Innovations and role of law (will in general cover the role of existing legal controls and mechanisms related to innovations )
2. Jurisprudential aspects of innovation and societal change
3. Judicial activism on Innovation and Societal change (deals with the perspective and contribution of Indian judiciary towards innovation and Social change)
4. Human Rights vis-a-vis Innovations & Social Transformation
5. Legal and ethical aspects of Artificial Intelligence
6. Cryptosystems and Legal Regulations in India

Track 4: Art & Design

1. Design: Breaking Boundaries
2. Design for Social Impact
3. Smart Designs: Embracing Technology
4. Futuristic Designs 5. Design: Then - Now - Then

Track 5: Interdisciplinary Studies

1. Innovation in Solid Waste Management
2. Transforming Society Through Tourism
3. Innovations in emerging tourism sector
4. Decision making and Artificial Intelligence

Track 6: Humanities & Social Sciences

1. Advancing psychology to benefit the society
2. Cognition, consciousness and social well being
3. Allied fields of Psychology and society
4. Postmodern Literatures: Utopian Dreams and Dystopian Truths.

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