Tuesday, 25 August 2020 10:00

Look out for thease three future techno trends in education

How does technology impact the ability of education to build effective skills in students in the always connected world of today?Wireless, mobile and other digital technologies are shaping new patterns of delivering education. In India alone, the market of e-learning is predicted to cross 1.29 $ billion by the end of 2018. The combined…
Tuesday, 25 August 2020 09:58

When internships become more than domain learning.

Last week, the Builders Association of India (BAI) Pune Chapter started its 11th cycle of hiring interns. BAI has been taking interns for the last 6+ years and has been very successful in growing and sustaining this activity. This year itself, more than 150 students from various engineering institutes of…
Tuesday, 25 August 2020 09:53

Is Engineering Education in Crisis ?

The aim of education is to equip us with the ability to analyze any situation logically, systematically and gracefully. Once the objective of education is clear, we can develop ways to inculcate it in students through their area of interest. One’s passion, priority and property -aptitude/inclination (3 Ps) should decide…
Tuesday, 25 August 2020 09:38

Essential skills for the future - Complex information processing, Critical thinking and Creativity

In the wake of digitalisation and democratization of information, the world is a transformed place. New technologies have led to the proliferation of handheld devices and computers that enable connectivity and allow access to information without traditional dependency on infrastructure of roads. Diffusion of Technology We are in the fourth…
Tuesday, 25 August 2020 09:17

Artificial Intelligence- Gateway to a promising career

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is said to be more revolutionary as an invention over discovery of electricity and the invention of the Internet. The buzz is that the manifestation of this technology is going to transform our lives in more ways than one. As artificial intelligence is making inroads into various…
Tuesday, 25 August 2020 09:00

Can technology be a solution to climate change?- An opinion

“Winter is coming” the popular refrain from the series Game of Thrones warns of an impending winter. Whether or not the deadly winter strikes Westeros remains to be seen. But the inhabitants of Earth may safely say that the “Summer is coming” and a fatal one at that. That the…
Tuesday, 25 August 2020 08:49

How secure are we from the peril of hacking?

Newton’s third law holds that every action induces an equal and opposite reaction. Every possibility manifests within itself a counter possibility as death is ever present over life. The Internet has opened up a host of possibilities unheard of and unthought of, yet it contains within itself the germ of…
Tuesday, 25 August 2020 07:23

Water Woes: Why India Needs Better Water Management.

Schools shut for 10 days, residents queuing up to collect water from tankers and tourism stalled. Shimla, designated as the queen of hills is crippled by the acute water scarcity. It echoes the “Day-Zero” horror of Cape Town, South Africa, the date when taps were declared to run dry earlier…
Thursday, 20 August 2020 04:38


  Nomination for the 20th century’s wonder of the industrial revolution will certainly be bagged by ‘Additive Manufacturing’. Additive Manufacturing (AM) needs to be seriously evaluated as a complement to existing and traditional manufacturing methods. An overview of Subtractive Manufacturing The traditional subtractive manufacturing continues to dominate major production and…
Wednesday, 19 August 2020 13:41

Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain Management: Improving the Manufacturing Bottom Line

Change is inevitable. We constantly need to adapt to changes surrounding us to be able to survive in the world and the manufacturing industry is no exception. Many companies have used artificial intelligence to improve their bottom line. Artificial intelligence helps identifying the flaws in the system, suggest purchases to…
Wednesday, 19 August 2020 13:38

Pacemaker and X-rays : Accidental inventions!

Sometimes I feel lucky that I was born in an era where technology has brought a revolution to the whole world. And today,  technology has made our life so advanced that we can get everything at our doorstep with just a single click of our smartphones. The revolutionary tools, equipments and…
Wednesday, 19 August 2020 13:36

Our Oceans - A Plastic Soup

Hello there! Yes, you! You just ignored the advertisement on the television set -  the iDEA 4G commercial.  You looked past it like every other issue that is left unaddressed! Was the commercial not catchy? Was it just another beach scene where  ‘auntyji’ tosses some litter and a random girl educates and sensitives…
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