Foundation Programme for English

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When students from diverse backgrounds come together then English is the only Language for communication. Sometimes this communication does not happen. Barrier for communication is “Lack of Knowledge of English Language”. We at Faculty of IDS at VU hereby decided to launch the “Certificate Programme in English” to enable the weak students to meet requisite level of English, so as to fulfill the gap of Communication.


Grammar Courses: 8
Practice Courses: 10


Daily focus on Listening
Reading, Speaking  
Writing skills.
Helps improve Handwriting as well.
Interactive sessions.
Practical knowledge (visits).
Personal attention on individual growth.
Providing regular assessment.
Revision Days (Every week).
Visualization technique used.



  • Dumb – Charade activity in Class Room
  • Practice Sessions at Language Laboratory
  • Group Discussions at regular intervals
  • Arranging General Knowledge Quizzes
  • Variety of Role Plays
  • Watching English Movies
  • Reading English News Papers

Programme Overview

Foundation Programme for English

Strong foundation of English is key to success

English is a popularly used International Language for all purposes. It is one of the major languages used at international level by all countries. Any person who knows and uses English Language is well accepted in society. In India it is regarded as “A compulsory business language used at corporate level”. The Knowledge of English is mandatory at most of the Higher Levels of Education, but when students from diverse background come together for education at University level, then sometimes there is a difference clearly visible amongst them while filling up admission form.

Objectives :

To improve basic four skills of English language – reading, writing, speaking, listening
I To use the language in specific situation
I To equip the learner for effective communication and presentation
I To make the learner competent with international scenario

Learning Outcomes :

I Significant Improvement in reading speed of English Language
I Improvement in summarizing and writing skills of English Language
I Improved level of confidence in English speaking
I Improved level of listening and understanding the content of English Language
I Able to discuss and respond to content of text orally and written


There will be Internal as well as external evaluation process

Internal Evaluation

1. Continuous Internal Evaluation (CIE) : For Read & Write Section of English
2. Expert Evaluation – Jury : For Listen and Speak Section of English
3. Progressive Class Test / Exam Series

External Evaluation

1. End Semester Examination
2. Expert Evaluation – Jury

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