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Pharmaceutical industry is growing rapidly worldwide and a career in this field has a bright future. The career path of pharmacy graduates takes them to assume the positions like

  • Hospital and Community Pharmacist (Dispensing of Medicines and Counseling of Patients)
  • Pharmaceutical Sales and Distribution executive (Bulk Distribution of Medicines and Detailing to Medical practitioners/Doctors)
  • Industrial pharmacist (Manufacturing, Quality Control and Quality Assurance, Packaging, etc)
  • Academic Pharmacist (Training Diploma in Pharmacy Students/ Laboratory Technician)
  • Entrepreneur ( Production, sales and marketing of medicines and pharma equipments)


12 - Core Subjects
09 - Practical based subjects


| Duration: 2 years- Full time
Annual Pattern
Intake: 60



  • As many other practical disciplines, Pharmacy is a very diverse area - it includes a variety of topics and aims, and each of them is connected with particular sub-discipline.
  • One of the most sought after and popular diploma programme which opens job opportunities in a plethora of sectors like marketing, education, analysis, sales, government and many more.
  • Academic structure supporting capability building and skill enhancement.
  • Corporate connect through live internships, field studies and industry interaction opportunities collaborations.
  • Aligned with industry practices, emerging technologies and the evolving expectations of key stakeholders.
  • Relevant to changing technological, social, cultural and economic environment of the nation.
  • Learning through diverse pedagogical approaches.
  • Nurturing Entrepreneurial aspirations and preparedness.

Programme Overview

Education for individual and social responsibility exceptional education, exceptional value. Your carrier path begins here…

Pharmacists represent third largest health care profession in the world after physicians/doctors. Pharmacy education in India, basically D. Pharm is an industry- and product-oriented profession with a focus on the basic sciences.

Diploma in Pharmacy (D.Pharm.) is the minimum qualification required to be a registered Pharmacist in India. This program is an outcomes-focused curriculum designed for students to gain the necessary skills and grasp academic excellence for entry-level positions in retail pharmacies, hospital pharmacies as well as pharmaceutical companies. It provides the knowledge of healthcare and biochemical science to prepare students for life-long career as pharmacy education experts, clinical researchers and pharmaceutical scientists in healthcare services. It also opens the door for certain opportunities in government sectors. Furthermore, the candidate can emerge as an Entrepreneur right after his / her successful completion of the course.

The Pharmaceutical sector is increasingly becoming hi-tech, which is playing an important role in global healthcare today. It is paramount that students are prepared to meet all the new challenges in the pharmacy sector. In Vishwakarma University (VU), the D. Pharm. syllabus, teaching methodology, training and infrastructure is designed to meet these requirements of students.

With advancement of technology in the pharmacy filed and as per requirement of Pharmacy Council of India (PCI), the laboratories in VU are well equipped with latest, modern scientific instruments and equipment, a library with best reference books, scientific magazines and journals.

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Dr. Dipmala S. Patil

Dr (Mrs). Dipmala S. Patil

Assistant Professor

Makarand Vishnu Puri

Mr. Makarand Puri

Assistant Professor

Sonali Manwatkar

Ms. Sonali Manwatkar

Assistant Professor

Dr. Poonam

Dr. Poonam Inamdar

Assistant Professor

Vaishali Gambhire

Ms. Vaishali Gambhire

Assistant Professor

Dr. Vijay M. Khedkar

Dr. Vijay Khedkar

Associate Professor

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“My choice of learning pharmacy was driven by my interests, curiosity, and a desire to seek new medicines for patients.” - Faculty / Quote by educationist

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