B.Com (Company Secretary)

Programme Highlights


  • Finance, Accounting and Taxation Services
  • Regulatory and Legal Compliances
  • Advisory in Corporate Governance, Due Diligence and Strategic Planning
  • Secretarial and Compliance Audit
  • Corporate Planning and Policy Making
  • Representative services in Arbitration and Conciliation
  • Project Management
  • Takeovers, Mergers & Acquisition, Joint Ventures
  • Valuation and Negotiations
  • Administrative & Professional Assistance to Management
  • Working Capital Management and Financial Analysis


06 - Foundation Courses
18 - Generic Core Courses
06 - Generic Elective Courses
02 - Ability Enhancement Courses
04 - Skill Enhancement Courses
06 - Audit Courses
06 - General Interest Courses


| 3 Years – 6 Semesters – Full Time
| Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)
| Outcome Based Education (OBE)
| 10 Point Credit and Grading system


  • Acquiring Accounting, Auditing, Taxation and Compliance skill sets.
  • Acquaintance to the provision and applicability of the relevant Laws and Acts.
  • Versatile extended areas of Commerce with legal framework.
  • Incorporation, Functioning and Liquidation of the Business with procedural aspects.
  • Practical oriented learning with practicing and employed professionals.
  • Strong Reporting, Analyzing and Administrative skills.
  • Cross-border applicability of the operations of Organizations.

Programme Overview

Today a reader, tomorrow a leader

Company Secretary (CS) is one of the principal posts in a company. He/she act as a conscience seeker of the company. A CS is responsible for complete company’s tax returns, keep records, advise board of directors, and ensure that the company complies with legal and statutory regulations.

BCom (Company Secretary) at Vishwakarma University is a specialized Commerce Programme that aims to create the graduates well versed with strong conceptual framework of Finance, Taxation, Auditing and Compliances forming a strong base for professional qualification of Company Secretary offered by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India.

The programme proposes that the participants understand the key skills that are required by an efficient administrator and aims at enabling the participants effectively contributing towards the organizations. The combination of core skills, domain understanding and expert knowledge learnt in this programme intend effective adaptation of participants to the ever-changing business environment.

PEO1  To make active contribution to Trade, Industry and Commerce at the national and international level.
PEO2  To apply learnt knowledge frameworks to arrive at expected outcomes in practice with the balance between business objectives and societal contributions.
PEO3  To initiate and develop the Entrepreneurial ventures or demonstrate intra-organization entrepreneurship principles.
PEO4  To practise professional career and establish connect with further advanced specialization in the same and/or cross functional area.
PEO5  To demonstrate the adequate flexibility with internal and external environment with the extensive use of information technology and optimized time and cost factors.
PO1  Get acquainted with the knowledge, skill and attitude to creatively and systematically apply the principles and practices of management (with focussed approach on Accountancy, Finance and Taxation & Laws) and work effectively in modern day business and non-business organizations
PO2  Development of core areas of business such as Accounting, Auditing, Compliances, Due Diligence, Corporate Governance, Strategic Planning along with the implementation tools such as ERP, MIS, MS Office, Tally etc
PO3  Demonstrate the analytical thinking mind-set and the competency to identify and formulate Research Problems, Research Literature, Research Design Tools, Analysis and Interpretation of the Data and application of the Research Findings and Conclusions in real case studies
PO4  Reveal capacity building and effective performance for the emerging and stabilized domain areas of practice while connecting various stakeholders of the business including society through digital and non-digital mediums, documentation, and reporting tools
PO5  Demonstrate the execution skills in the capacity of the leader as well as team member while targeting the individual and organizational development in the form of sustained individual values, skills and organizational practices
GA1  Practical Knowledge of the discipline
GA2  Independent Analytical Thinking
GA3  Effective Communication
GA4  Innovative, Investigative, Multi-Faceted and Responsible Functionality
GA5  Ethically and Socially aware
GA6  Entrepreneurship & Intraprenuership
GA7  Social and Individual Life Values
B.Com (Company Secretary) |Vishwakarma University Pune 2020

Prof. Umesh Patwardhan


Prof. Yuvraj Lahoti


Dr. Jayashree Vispute

Assistant Professor

Dr. R. Batule

Assistant Professor

Dr. Rahul Waghmare

Assistant Professor

Dr Omvir Gautam

Assistant Professor

Dr. Pooja Agrawal

Assistant Professor

Dr. Abhijit Kelkar

Dr. Abhijit Kelkar

Assistant Professor

Mr. Amol Randive

Assistant Professor

Mr. Ashish Thite

Assistant Professor

Mr. Kailas Bhosale

Assistant Professor

Mrs. Vijaya Hake

Assistant Professor

Mr. Yogesh Desale

Assistant Professor

Mr. Niranjan Kulkarni

Assistant Professor

Mrs. Pashmina Shah


Mrs. Ashwini Sonawane


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“The purpose of learning is growth, and our minds, unlike our bodies, can continue growing as long as we live.” - Faculty / Quote by educationist

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