Programme Highlights


  • Go on to be a Professional - MBA, MCA, MCM, MMM, M. Phil, Ph.D etc.
  • Take up careers in Manufacturing firms as Operations Managers, Logistics Managers, Procurement Specialists, Inventory Control Specialists, Project Planners, Production Supervisors, Quality Control Auditors etc.
  • Work with Sales and Marketing department of companies as Sales Executives, Management Trainees, Assistant Sales Managers, Assistant Brand Manager etc.
  • Explore Careers in the vibrant and growing Banking, Financial Services, Insurance (BFSI) Sector – PSU and Private Sector Banks, Capital Markets, Insurance Companies, NBFCs, etc. as Financial Analysts, Credit Managers/ Loan Officers, Customer Service Managers, Insurance Agents/ Brokers, Investor Relationship Managers, Reports Analysts etc.
  • Work with Human Resource Department of companies as Human Resource Administrators, Industry Relations Specialists,Job Analysts, Recruiters, Training Specialists etc.
  • Pursue Careers in Academics and Research, Government and Semi-Government Undertakings & management of non-for-profit businesses.
  • Start your own business.


14- Generic Courses
06- Generic Elective 
04- Disciplne Specific Elective
06-Foundation Courses 
02-Ability Enhancement Courses 
04-Skill Enhancement Courses 
18-Audit Courses 
06-General Interest Courses


| 3 Years – 6 Semesters – Full Time
| Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)
| Outcome Based Education (OBE)
| 10 Point Credit and Grading system



  • Education that prepares you for life.
  • Enriched programme structure with a fine blend of core, elective, audit and foundation courses designed to provide indepth knowledge and requisite skills.
  • Experiential and blended learning that enhances effectiveness of classical teaching – learning methods.
  • Expertise – led by in house faculty and augmented by visiting, guest and adjunct faculty as well as accomplished advisory board members.
  • Employability focus integrated through the curriculum, right from the first semester.
  • Enabling environment for nurturing Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
  • Ecosystem that enables holistic development of learners through focused curricular, research co-curricular, extra-curricular, industry connect & professional development and extension and CSR initiatives.

Programme Overview

Bloom into a leader - manager - Entreprenuer

BBA is a three year undergraduate degree programme in Business Administration designed to provide students with essential knowledge in the fields of Marketing, Finance, Operations, Human Resource and other functional business areas. It prepares students to enter the corporate world by equipping them with the necessary decision making and managerial abilities.

The programme is designed to give a broad knowledge of the functional aspects of a company and their interconnection through general business and advance courses while also allowing for specialization in a particular domain area. The students become aware about the business environment and learn the modern tools and techniques of business management through classroom training and practical experience in the form of case studies, presentations, internships, industrial visits and interaction with experts from the industry.

PEO1  To make positive contribution to business, trade and industry in the national and global context.
PEO2  To apply frameworks and tools to arrive at informed decisions in profession and practice, striking a balance between business and social dimensions.
PEO3  To initiate and build upon entrepreneurial ventures or demonstrate intraprenuership for employer organizations.
PEO4  To pursue professional careers and take up higher learning programmes and research
PEO5  To adapt to change and have the aptitude and ability to engage in independent and life – long learning in the broadest context of socio-economic, technological and global change.
PO1  Develop the knowledge, skill and attitude to creatively and systematically apply the principles and practices of management (accountancy, finance, business law, statistics, HR, operations and IT) and work effectively in modern day business and non-business organizations.
PO2  Development of core areas of business such as finance, accounting, marketing, HR, operations along with the tools such as Tally, MS Excel, MS Office, etc.
PO3  Demonstrate the critical thinking mindset and the ability to identify and formulate research problems, research literature, design tools, analyze and interpret data, and synthesize the information to provide valid conclusions and contextual approaches across a variety of subject matter.
PO4  Exhibit self-confidence and awareness of general issues prevailing in the society and communicate effectively with the professional fraternity and with society at large through digital and non-digital mediums and using a variety of modes such as effective reports & documentation, effective presentations, and give and receive clear instructions.
PO5  Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in teams, and in multidisciplinary settings by demonstrating life skills , coping skills and human values.
GA1  Sound Knowledge of the discipline
GA2  Independent and Critical thinking
GA3  Effective and confident communicators
GA4  Investigative, Resourceful, and Responsible
GA5  Ethically and Socially aware.
GA6  Entrepreneurship & Intraprenuership
GA7  Life Skills
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Prof. Umesh Patwardhan


Prof. Yuvraj Lahoti


Prof. Sunil Doke


Dr. R. Batule

Assistant Professor

Dr. Jayashree Vispute

Assistant Professor

Mr. Amol Randive

Assistant Professor

Mr. Ashish Thite

Assistant Professor

Mr. Kailas Bhosale

Assistant Professor

Mrs. Vijaya Hake

Assistant Professor

Mr. Yogesh Desale

Assistant Professor

Mr. Niranjan Kulkarni

Assistant Professor

Mrs. Pashmina Shah


Mrs. Ashwini Sonawane


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