Banking & Financial Services

Programme Highlights


  • Go on to be a Professional – Technician, Supervisor, Executive, Manager,
  • Further Study: M. Voc., MBA, MCA, MCM, MMM, M. Phil, Ph.D etc.
  • Take up careers in BFSI as Business Correspondent, Equity Dealer, Mutual Fund Agent, Loan Approval Officer, Accounts Payable & Receivables, Accounts Executive (Payroll), Recording and Reporting, Accounts Executive (Statutory Compliance), Debt Recovery Agent, Life Insurance Agent, Microfinance Executive, SME Officer, Goods & Services Tax (GST) Accounts Assistant.


Ability Enhancement Course -6
Skill Enhancement Course -3
Core Discipline Courses -12
Elective Courses -6
Project/ internship-3


  • B. Voc : 3 Years – 6 Semesters –144 Credits- Full Time
  • Advance Diploma: 1 Year-2 Semesters-48 Credits-Full Time
  • Diploma:1 Year-2 semesters-48 Credits-Full Time
  • Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)
  • Outcome Based Education (OBE)
  • 10 Point Credit and Grading system


  • On Job Training with Industry
  • Affiliation with Sector Skill Councils
  • Proficiency in Specific Skills
  • Industry Projects and Field Visits
  • Professional Certifications
  • Career progression to Post Graduate Programmes.
  • Education that prepares you for life.
  • Enriched programme structure with a fine blend of core, elective, ability enhancement and skill enhancement courses designed to provide in depth knowledge and requisite skills.
  • Experiential and blended learning that enhances effectiveness of classical teaching – learning methods.
  • Expertise – led by in house faculty and augmented by visiting, guest and adjunct faculty as well as accomplished advisory board


“If banks cannot truly be customer intimate, they are doomed to be just dumb commodities, acting behind the scenes, like utilities.” - Faculty / Quote by educationist


A big part of financial freedom is having your heart and mind free from worry about the what-ifs of life.

B.Voc. in BFSI is a undergraduate degree pathway programme of three years designed to provide students with skill based essential knowledge in the fields of BFSI. It prepares students to enter the corporate world by equipping them with the necessary Technical, decision making and managerial abilities. Completion of the first year of this programme offers Diploma in BFSI, Completion of Second Year of this programme offers Advance Diploma in BFSI and Completion of Third Year of this programme offers Bachelor of Vocation Degree in BFSI, which is equal to Level & of National Skill Qualification Framework. This degree has all the advantages of any traditional degree like B.A., B.Sc, B.Com.

The programme is designed to give a broad knowledge of the technical and functional aspects of a company and their interconnection through general BFSI and advance courses. The students become aware about the BFSI technology and learn the modern tools and techniques of BFSI domain through classroom and practical Training.

PEO1 : To make students capable of the applicable National Occupational Standards (NOS) in the BFSI industry in the national and global context

PEO2 : Students will be able to apply techniques, frameworks and tools to arrive at informed decisions in profession and practice.

PEO3 : Graduates will have a solid foundation to pursue professional careers and take up higher learning courses such as M. Voc., MBA, MCA, MCM, MMM, M. Phil, Ph.D as well as research.

PEO4 : Graduates with a flair of self-employment will be able to initiate and build upon entrepreneurial ventures or demonstrate entrepreneurship for their employer organizations.

PEO5 : Graduate will recognize the need for adapting to change and have the aptitude and ability to engage in independent and life – long learning in the broadest context of socio-economic, technological and global change.

At the end of the programme the learner will be able to :

PO1: Develop the knowledge, skill and attitude to creatively and systematically apply in the BFSI field

PO2: Develop fundamental in-depth knowledge and understanding of the techniques, principles, concepts, values, substantive rules and development of the core areas of BFSI.

PO3: Exhibit self-confidence and awareness of general issues prevailing in the technological field and in the society and communicate effectively with the other departments, professional fraternity and with society at large through digital and non-digital mediums and using a variety of modes such as effective reports & documentation, effective presentations, and give and receive clear instructions.

PO4: Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in teams, and in multidisciplinary settings by demonstrating life skills, coping skills and human values.


Course CodeCourse NameCredit Value
IDSBVAV101 Soft Skills-I 4
IDSBVAV102 MS Office 4
IDSBVAV103 Banking Financial Services & Insurance -I 2
IDSBVAV104 Banking Financial Services & Insurance I Practical 4
IDSBVAV105 Banking Financial Services & Insurance -II 2
IDSBVAV106 Banking Financial Services & Insurance-II Practical 4


Course CodeCourse NameCredit Value
IDSBVAV201 Soft Skills-II 4
IDSBVAV202 Banking Financial Services & Insurance -III 2
IDSBVAV203 Banking Financial Services & Insurance -III Practical 4
IDSBVAV204 Banking Financial Services & Insurance -IV 2
IDSBVAV205 Banking Financial Services & Insurance-IV Practical 4
IDSBVAV206 Project 12


Course CodeCourse NameCredit Value
IDSBVAV301 Soft Skills-III 4
IDSBVAV302 IT Skills 4
IDSBVAV303 Banking Financial Services & Insurance -V 2
IDSBVAV304 Banking Financial Services & Insurance -V Practical 4
IDSBVAV305 Banking Financial Services & Insurance -VI 2
IDSBVAV306 Banking Financial Services & Insurance -VI Practical 4


Course CodeCourse NameCredit Value
IDSBVAV401 Soft Skills-IV 4
IDSBVAV402 Banking Financial Services & Insurance-VII 2
IDSBVAV403 Banking Financial Services & Insurance VII Practical 4
IDSBVAV404 Banking Financial Services & Insurance-VIII 2
IDSBVAV405 Banking Financial Services & Insurance-VIII Practical 4
IDSBVAV406 Project 12


Course CodeCourse NameCredit Value
IDSBVAV501 Soft Skills-V 4
IDSBVAV502 Entrepreneurship Development I 4
IDSBVAV503 Banking Financial Services & Insurance -IX 2
IDSBVAV504 Banking Financial Services & Insurance IX Practical 4
IDSBVAV505 Banking Financial Services & Insurance -X 2
IDSBVAV506 Banking Financial Services & Insurance -X Practical 4


Course CodeCourse NameCredit Value
IDSBVAV601 Entrepreneurship Development II 4
IDSBVAV602 Banking Financial Services & Insurance -XI 2
IDSBVAV603 Banking Financial Services & Insurance XI Practical 4
IDSBVAV604 Banking Financial Services & Insurance -XII 2
IDSBVAV605 Banking Financial Services & Insurance -XII Practical 4
IDSBVAV606 Project 12

GA1 : Sound Knowledge of the discipline

GA2 : Independent and Critical thinking

GA3 : Effective and confident communicators

GA4 : Investigative, Resourceful, and Responsible

GA5 : Ethically and Socially aware.

GA6 : Entreprenuership & Intraprenuership

GA7 : Life Skills

The method of instruction (pedagogy or teaching-learning processes) shall be determined by the requirements of a course, the learning objectives, learning outcomes & the learner’s context. However, the following methods of instruction shall be commonly used: Actual on job training, Case Method, Class Discussions, Field Work, Group Exercises, Lecture Sessions, MOOCs, Projects, Role-plays, Self-Learning Materials (SLMs), Self-study, Seminars, Simulations, Study Tours, Workshops.

During the courses students are encouraged to take up live projects in an industry to align their theoretical knowledge and its application. Also project work is added as a separate subject in second semester of every year. Industry based live projects allow students to gain valuable work experience while they’re still studying in college. They pave way for self-empowerment through skill building and hands-on-training.

1. 144 credits to be earned

2. Minimum CGPA: 4.0

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